30 000+ Bombs in one year. That's morally superior is it?

The violence meted out against Muslims by us "peace loving", "innocent", "non-violent" and "morally superior" Westerners who never did anybody any harm beggars belief.

This is not to say that all Muslims are peace-loving pleasant chaps because while, in my experience, the vast majority are indeed peaceful, essentially good-natured people (in about the same percentage as any other broad human group) there are some who are aggressive, thuggish, violent, intolerant bastards (in about the same percentage as any other broad human group). 

Deranged People

The Muslim community also produces its deranged people, its preachers of hate, its wife-beaters, misogynists and rapists too. Such people will use if they can, religious scriptures as their excuse or justification for what is merely psychotic or immoral conduct and if they can't find justifications in religious scriptures, they will think of something else. Once again, we find in the non-Muslim communities the same breed of vermin using one handy excuse or another to make life unbearable for everyone else.


In terms of rapes, for example, recent events in Germany prompted a massive surge of press hysteria about "Muslims are rapists" and other nonsense. If it were true that Islam somehow condoned or encouraged rape, then one would expect an epidemic of rapes in Muslim countries as diverse and far-flung as Bosnia or Indonesia. 

Yet a search of the net does not bring up data that suggests rape is on the whole a greater problem particularly in Muslim as opposed to non-Muslim countries. There are difficulties in making comparisons because there are big variations from country to country in how rapes are reported and dealt with once reported. 

These differences show up between Muslim countries and well as between non Mulsim countries and between Muslim and non-Muslim countries. The stats are not very conclusive but at the moment nothing shows up that suggests the massive epidemic of rapes or assaults or women being unsafe to walk the streets that one might expect if the propaganda accusation leveled at Islam were even partially true. 

Interestingly enough, a comparison of various countries suggests that the USA has as big a rape problem as most countries. And the many thousands rapes of German women committed in Germany between 1945 and 1955 by Christian US troops on the one hand and atheistic Soviet troops on the other, not to mention the mass-rapes of 30 to 50 thousand Bosnian Muslim women by Serbs in the Yugoslavian civil war, tell us that we of the non-Muslim world should think twice before mounting our moral high horse.


Then there is the matter of violence. Again, when we compare the number of Muslims who have traveled or been sent by their psychotic leaders to Western countries to bomb or shoot westerners to the number of western young men sent by our psychotic leaders to bomb or shoot people in Muslim countries, the stats tells us that "we Westerners" are many, many times more violent.

In recent years, how many American and British men and women have been sent to Muslim countries armed to the teeth to intimidate or shoot Muslims? How many thousands of Muslims have been thus intimidated or shot? How many blown up?

Since 9/11 (when somebody murdered about 3,000 Americans - and the "Saudi Arabians armed with box cutters" garbage does not cut it, so the jury is still out on WHO exactly was responsible for or complicit in that crime) from memory I think about 50 people have been murdered in the US, supposedly by Muslim terrorists. That is roughly 3 to 4 people a year.

In that same period, how many thousands of Muslims were killed by the young people we sent to their countries with guns? How many were killed by our young men who flew over their towns and villages in aircraft tailor-made for the purpose and dropped high explosives on them? How many were killed by the drones that America's president sanctioned and which young Americans sitting at computer screens controlled?

Added to that there are the many thousands of Muslims killed by Muslims of one sect or another (they are at times as inclined to kill their own as, say, Christians have been known to be and indeed are far more inclined to kill fellow Muslims than they are to kill non-Muslims. But how many of those killings were carried out using weapons manufactured and supplied by the West?

Weapons of Death

The two major suppliers of weapons of death to the world are the USA and UK, so whoopee doo for us! The manufacture and supply of weapons of death to anyone who wants to kill other human beings is the reasonable action of a benign, humane and amazingly civilised culture is it? Come to think of it, I don't think any Muslim country has turned its economic efforts to the invention, creation, development, mass production and mass marketing and sale of such weapons either.


And don't even get me started on the West's proxy state of Israel (or is it the USA and UK that are Israel's proxy states - I'm never sure) and how many Muslims it has killed using the weapons we donated to it. Mind you, to be fair, the Muslims have managed to kill a few Israelis back using cutlery and home-made rockets apparently, as people tend to get quite unpleasant about it when you invade and occupy their land.

23,000+ Bombs

In 2015 alone, the U.S. dropped 23,144 bombs on Muslim-majority countries. That is in just one year and does not count bombs dropped by British, French and Russian planes. A serious amount of high explosives were dropped on a seriously large number of human beings by killers working for the Nobel Peace Prize-winner Obama and his bosses in the Rothschild Khazerian mafia.

The above estimate was made by Micah Zenko, who recently tallied up how many bombs the United States  dropped on other countries in the name of something-or-other (nobody is quite sure anymore) and the results are distressing. 

He figured that since Jan. 1, 2015, the U.S. alone dropped around 23,144 bombs on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. I make that over 70 bombs per day, every day throughout the year, that's about three bombs per hour every hour for a year.

Al Qaeda or ISIS would have to massively accelerate their operations against Western countries to match that tally. For one thing, they would need an entire economy and massive industries devoted to the manufacture of the means of war and a hell of a lot more money, such as can be accrued by the levying of income tax an other protection rackets, and personnel.

Raw Destruction

This chart, provided by a usually pro-State Department think
tank, shows clearly how much raw destruction the U.S. brought to five Muslim countries last year. Some may think that dropping this amount of carnage upon another country is justified, although no one as yet has put forward a convincing argument that shows it has been a wise and just thing to do, befitting a nation with a statesmanlike civilising mission to push back the frontiers of barbarism.

The horrible truth is that it does not appear to be achieving any worthwhile result and that the death of thousands of people and the wiping out of their towns and cities may have been a pointless waste. 

Bombing Afganistan

The U.S. dropped 947 or the aforementioned bombs on Afghanistan in 2015, yet a recent analysis found that the Taliban now control more territory in that country than at any point since 2001! The U.S. has now entered its 16th year of warfare there and the mind boggles as to how much carnage has been wrought in the previous fifteen to no desirable result. 

Bombing Iraq

The last four U.S. presidents have all bombed Iraq. The war against ISIS was originally propagandised as a "limited"or even "humanitarian" intervention. And the people who bought that one clearly never learn. 

Sure enough, since that limited humanitarian venture was launched, Americans were then told it will be a "30-year war" while the White House has woffled about a "long-term effort" in both Iraq and Syria.

The famed whistle blower Sibel Edmonds has pointed out that the war against terror is designed to be an open-ended, unwinnable war against a foe that can perpetually metamorphose, so as to provide lucrative opportunities for the criminals running the MIC to perpetually leech off the American tax payer.

Insulting our Intelligence (again)

Alongside all that doublespeak and outright lying, the psychopathic masterminds behind this particular money-spinner for the military corporations and Khazarian bankter mafiosi have insulted our intelligence by trying to insinuate that over 23 000 bombs resulted in no civilian deaths!

Whilst claiming that 25,000 fighters were killed, they would have us believe that only 6 civilians were“likely” killed in the seventeen-month campaign of aerial bombardment. 

At the same time, officials admit that the size of ISIS has remained unchanged. For instance, in 2014, the CIA estimated the size of the Islamic State to be between 20,000 and 31,000 fighters, while recently repeating the 30,000 estimate.

The math of the anti-ISIS bombing goes: 30,000 – 25,000 killed = 30,000. This is explained away by reports of massive ISIS successes in recruiting new fighters from the lunatic fringes of the Muslim world in Europe, the Middle East and Far East. 

I have no way of knowing how accurate the latter reports are. I suspect that BOTH reports (of the American bombing successes AND ISIS recruiting successes) are exaggerated and that the truth of what is actually going on over there lies somewhere between the two - or indeed elsewhere entirely. . .

Something Strange about ISIS

There is certainly something very strange about a group that is being pulverised daily by the Americans, French, British, Russians and God knows who else, which runs around the desert in Toyota trucks chopping up Muslims (and the occasional Westerner for the benefit of the Western media which, let's face it, is none too fascinated when Muslims get chopped up) yet miraculously seems to keep going without a significant drop in its numbers!

Be that as it may, the upshot is that after more than 20,000 bombs were allegedly dropped on ISIS or the desert or some such thing, the U.S. Defense Department wants us to believe it only killed six civilians. This is while in Afghanistan a single mistake in October, resulted in the U.S. bombing a hospital in Kunduz, killing 
30 civilians diedThe MSM, which is run by the same Rothschild Khazarian mafia that runs America, forwards this nonsense.

My message is not that one "side" is better or worse than the other. Both have their lunatics and one side just happens to have more money and material resources. Conventional warfare, as someone said, is merely terrorism on a bigger budget 

Disingenuous Garbage

My point here is that the propaganda message designed to make Muslims seems subhuman (and thus okay to slaughter them or set fire to their children) is just so much disingenuous garbage, as is the notion that our "side" somehow upholds all that is noble and true.

I would be very happy we were WERE upholding all that is noble and true but while we sure are upholding something at the moment nobility and truth sure ain't part of it.

We could contribute mightily to bringing truth and justice to the world AND preventing the putrefaction and decay of our civilisation, if we could knock off the double standards, put our own house in order and, as we deal with the rest of humanity, do so with clean hands.

Is it too much to ask?
It is after all a survival point.