The Citizens Forum Radio: From Palestine with Love

Presented by Steve Cook, the Editor of The Liberty Beacon UK, With special Guest Ariyana Love, Director of the Middle East Rising project.

This week I am once again delighted to welcome Ariyana back onto my show for another lively and fascinating discussion on the subject of Palestine under the brutal Zionist occupation and broader insights into the conflict in Syria and how the geopolitics of the crime syndicate that has suborned western – and most Middle Eastern – governments is wrecking the lives of millions of good people.

We touch again upon the origins of Zionism and its sponsorship by the Rothschild Khazarian mafia and the depravity of the Zionist regime that has been inflicted upon Palestine.

Not least of its crimes is the epidemic of child murders carried out by the occupying army and the brutal cult known as “The Settlers”. And there is the matter too of the accompanying epidemic of child abductions, torture, drugging and abuse of both Arab AND Jewish children.

We speculate on what could be the reasons for this bizarre obsession with abusing and harming children – a phenomenon that borders of some kind of institutionalized pedophilia or program of cultural destruction – and the descent into the ever deeper darkness of depravity and barbarism of a Zionist society in its death throes.

From personal knowledge of the Palestinian people Ariyana gives insights into their depth of character and dignity and how, despite the most horrific and sustained atrocities inflicted upon them, they yet maintain their humanity.

The discussion once again highlights the dangers of accepting broad and misleading generalizations put out by a Zionist-controlled mainstream media that can so often tar decent people with the same brush as criminals and play right into the hands of those who would divide humanity and thereby weaken and conquer it.

Some page links mentioned in the show:

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