Who are the Manipulative Sociopaths and Godless Creeps behind ISIS?

The article below provides interesting observations on the apparent recruitment success of DAESH (ISIS).

I think it is inevitable that, in the present world with its many dissatisfactions, a group with a strong ideal or message (even an insane one) and a way of portraying its murdering rampages as being in service of some higher ideal will attract a certain number of young fighters to its ranks.

But that's enough about the American military. What about ISIS?

I think the same applies. It will inevitably attract certain people to its ranks. I do not think it will attract massive numbers of Muslims, relatively speaking. Across Europe, the US, the Middle East and the Muslim world of the Far East with its hundreds of millions of Muslims, twenty or thirty thousand recruits is not in fact a very high number.

I make that just one recruit for every 50 thousand Muslims living on the planet. Of course if recruitment ever got to just one in every thousand Muslims (one tenth of one percent) you would still end up with an army of one and a half a million fighters. This would make quite a formidable army provided the Americans could keep it well trained and supplied with arms and the Saudis and Israelis could keep the funds flowing.

The ISIS operation will reach an eventual ceiling on how many people are drawn to it, especially when it sinks in that ISIS is a "Psy ops" creation of western intelligence agencies and western psychiatry in an alliance that serves Zionist geopolitical interests.

I'm sure that a fair number of ISIS recruits who sought to fight for something meaningful and ascendant over the materialistic humdrum and squalor of their sublunary existence will be none too pleased to discover they have been duped into giving their all for some of the most manipulative sociopathic and godless creeps ever to have been spawned by Lucifer. Ah well, we all know what a devious, two-faced, forked-tongued bastard his nibs Down Below can be.

Along with idealistically motivated people reacting to the West's invasions of their lands, insults to their religion and perceived general hostility, an operation like ISIS will inevitably attract into its viperish bosom an inordinately high number of sociopaths, sadists and criminals. For them, the turning of a large swathe of the planet into a lawless war zone provides a licence to dramatise their darkest impulses and get promoted for it rather than locked up, which is usually what happens to psychopaths in peace-time when their skill set is not in much demand.

There is also the fact that ISIS and their sponsors advocate the return to a sort of medieval hellhole where nobody is safe, people get bits chopped off for parting their hair the wrong way and everybody is miserable. Human beings do not like feeling unsafe, which is why most of them tend to gravitate towards systems where there is a fair and equitable (and non-arbitrary) justice system, people are easy-going and honest men are protected.

Muslims are no different: given a choice between living in and harbouring allegiance for a still relatively safe land like the USA (and please can we keep it that way?) or living in a medieval hellhole run by sadists, most - not all, but most - are going to choose the safe option.

Why else do you think ISIS gives nobody a choice and simply brutalises and terrorises the Muslim locals into submission when it descends on an area like a horde of demented Vikings out of their skulls on Captagon? Given a free choice, the vast majority of people living in an area will choose the option that makes them feel safe - not to mention appreciated and valued as human beings.

I rather like the following article. It makes some valid observations, although I disagree with its final paragraph.

I do not think that preventing the departure of radicalised individuals from countries like the UK and France to go fight for ISIS is the solution/ I don't think that preventing their departure is even possible.

But we can and must face up to and carry out some profound changes, briefly:

  • Stop attacking the Middle East and/or dismantling its countries. If we want their oil, then trade for it properly and have some self respect.
  • Stop supplying weapons of war and mass destruction to . . . well, anybody.
  • Stop our "ally" Saudi Arabia using its wealth to fund the radicalisation of young Muslims across the planet. It makes no sense to be chums with the very source of Muslims extremism when we are supposed to be combating extremism. It would make more sense to befriend the many far more rational movements within Islam.
  • Re-invest all the energy we were investing in war into advocating, helping, supporting, fostering and generally contributing to the bringing about of an international justice system backed by an enforceable code of conduct for all governments and other entities and for the just resolution of disputes.
  • Stop arming, supplying, funding, training and otherwise helping terror groups of all descriptions and stop our "friends" and allies doing the same. For instance, dismantle |Operation Gladio.
  • Get our own house in order, handle the internal reason for our decline and enfeeblement and make our nations strong bastions of justice and freedom in which ALL honest men are protected from harm without fear, bias or favour. Give men of all religions something in the success of which they all have a stake and a vested interest to support, help and defend.
There is no doubt more but that will do for now.

Here then is the featured article. It comes from Sputnik News, which I recommend you visit for more great articles and information.

Sick 'Aura of Romance' Behind Daesh's Successes Recruiting New Fighters

Earlier this week, a top US-based intelligence agency reported that the number of foreign fighters fighting alongside Daesh (the Islamic State or ISIL) has more than doubled over the past year-and-a-half. Speaking with Sputnik, a Turkish terrorism expert explained some of the reasons behind Daesh's recruiting bonanza.

Earlier this week, New York-based security intelligence firm The Soufan Group estimated that since June of 2014, Daesh (ISIL) has more than doubled their recruitment of foreign fighters, bringing in between 27,000 and 31,000 new fighters from abroad in an 18 month period. The number of fighters from EU countries grew to 5,000. 4,700 fighters were also believed to have been recruited from the countries of the former Soviet Union (2,400 of them from Russia).

Number of Foreign Fighters in Syria, Iraq ‘More Than Doubled’ in 1.5 Years

Asked by Sputnik to explain the reasons behind the terrorist group's apparent recruitment successes, Necati Sasmaz, Director of the Turkish Center for Security Studies and the Fight Against International Terrorism, explained that "the main reason is the aura of romance around Daesh for disaffected young people."

According to the expert, it is Daesh's "romantic aura," combined with a "lack of satisfaction with their own lives," which drives many young people to join the terrorist organization.

Among Western European countries, Sasmaz suggests, these factors are reinforced "by rampant Islamophobia, and the growing power of radical and right-wing organizations. Youth dissatisfied with their own lives, feeling that they cannot influence in the political and social realities in their country in any way, observe on social networks what is happening in Syria and Iraq, and begin to create a romanticized image of a 'fighter for faith' against the world."

"This image," the expert notes, "encourages young people in the West to travel to Syria and to join the Daesh."

Status as a Geopolitical Reality is Key to Daesh's Success

"Daesh," according to Sasmaz, "is a geopolitical player, nourished by Islamist rhetoric." In other words, its status as a quasi-state is what separates it from other terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda. "In contrast to al-Qaeda, which also has a cellular structure, but which led a global fight, relying only on ideology and offering no plans to create a 'universal Islamic state', Daesh has managed, in one way or another, to take control [of pieces of] Syria and Iraq, territories inhabited by millions of people."

"Therefore," the analyst suggests, "it's only logical that such a strong organization has a structure aimed at recruiting new members into its ranks from other countries and regions, especially from Western countries. Daesh attracts adventure-seeking, 'hot blooded' young people ready to rush headlong into the abyss of a world struggle, which in Daesh's case is a struggle for the 'purity of Islam' and the creation of a 'true caliphate'."

European Providers Know Coordinates of Centers of Daesh Internet Propaganda

As far as Daesh fighters from Western nations are concerned, Sasmaz emphasized that "the West must take appropriate measures on its own territory." Pointing out Western intelligence agencies' habit of announcing that persons suspected of terrorist sympathies have left for the Middle East, the security analyst noted that Western law enforcement must step up efforts to detain these people before they make it to Turkey, or to Syria and Iraq.

"The most important thing which needs to be done right now to more effectively combat terrorism is to prevent the departure of radicalized individuals from their own countries. If France or Britain are spying on suspicious individuals in their own country, they must also stop their attempts to leave the coun