PM Cameron continues support of terrorism while making inept propaganda digs at Muslim women

In the article featured below, commenting on PM Cameron's latest sly dig at immigrants, Sheema Kawar says: "If greater assimilation was the end goal of Cameron’s measure, he defeated its purpose by singling out Muslim women."

And the second article finishes with this statement by Dr Omer El-Hamdoon – President of the Muslim Association of Britain: “Although the actual number of non-English speaking Muslim women is low, we welcome this initiative. We believe Muslim women who speak English as well as another language will be a positive influence in society. It will also mean they will be better positioned to continue their own education as well as support their families.”

Fair enough. I would go further and say that if greater assimilation was in fact the PM's goal, then his statement was . . . well, inept. It was so inept that if I were him I would sack whoever tells him what to say.

However, I am of the opinion that the ventroloquists and psychological warfare experts moving Cameron's mouth knew exactly what they were saying when they propped him on their knee and had him single out the women of the Muslim congregation for a subtle dig that tried to keep islamophobic hysteria simmering nicely.

By an amazing coincidence this came at a time when the Zionist media moguls and political fifth-columnists are working so hard to get us non-Muslims all (a) mad at and (b) scared of Muslims, while at the same time getting Muslims (a) mad at and (b) scared of non Muslims.

Cameron's attempt to insinuate that the problem of a SMALL PERCENTAGE of disaffected Muslim youth joining Islam's lunatic fringe somehow is down to the small number of Muslim women who do not learn English is utterly crass. Who but an idiot is going to buy logic like that?

If he REALLY wanted to do something to reduce or discourage extremism, Cameron would withdraw his government's support of two of the main influences that bring it about: NATO's Operation Gladio on the one hand and its financing and export by Cameron's chums in Saudi Arabia on the other. 

That he does neither whilst seeking to attach blame to the wrong people in a way that guarantees the problem will not be resolved, tells us that he is quite happy for extremism to continue. One can only assume that that is because that suits the agendum of his mates and handlers in the Zionist movement to which he demonstrates unswerving allegiance.

Now, the requirement that any immigrant who wishes to become a citizen of this country, whosoever they may be, should learn the language of this country is sound. So is the idea of providing facilities for them so to do. It helps the new citizen for one thing and, applied equally to all without fear or favour, the requirement is fair - and fair play, lest we forget, is a vital stand of the British culture we are all so keen to defend and nurture.

So why not just say that? Why single out any particular religion or one particular sex? There was no reason for it at all unless one is attempting to subtly aid the propaganda effort to set Islam up as the big scary threat and fix in the public mind one small rivet at a time the notion that Islam is the primary reason life is crap.

We are all supposed to be so convinced of this we will throw money at the military industrial complex or be too distracted to notice our political establishment has sold out to the bankster/Zionist cult that is doing and has done far more to destroy our culture than the Muslims we are busy helping to drive out of their homelands.

Just for the record, so that I can make it clear where I am coming from, here is my general take on the situation:

Anyone wishing to become a citizen of this country, regardless of where they come from or what religion they do or do not belong to, should:

Be vetted. Anyone with a criminal record or deemed a security risk (although we would have to define clearly what that means) should be turned away. The vast majority of ANY human group are honest people trying to get along but ANY human group has roughly the same percentage of criminals and psychos. In my time, I have come across plenty of white, non Mulsim gangsters, thugs, yobs, mysoginists, fanatics, drug dealers and the like (such is my chequered past which we will not go into here, if ever . . .).

Commit fully to upholding and abiding by the mores, customs and laws of this country (just as we, if we emigrated to another country, would expect to abide by that country's laws and customs). Anyone who, for reasons of conscience or belief, cannot make an oath to abide by our laws and customs should be politely turned away.

Anyone living in our national community is here on the same terms as the rest of us with respect to all matters of our laws, good manners, personal conduct and access to education, social security, health care and so forth.

As for the number of places available for new citizens each year, the government, acting on behalf of the existing citizenry, must take into account the ability of the community to assimilate and cope with new arrivals in terms of gainful employment, housing, school places and so on that is either available or can be created. In terms of its overall policy, the government must act on behalf of the citizenry and according to its wishes but for that to be fully workable, the citizenry must not be subject to propaganda by one vested interest or another.

In order to help the citizens of other countries and obviate the problem of refugees and mass migrations, the government must cease and desist from any actions such as military assaults, economic sabotage, sly interventions, covert mischief or the support of oppressive regimes that make other countries unbearable nightmares for their citizens. It must also immediately uphold, advocate, assist and refrain from undermining international justice and the rule of law among nations.

Immigrants must learn the language reasonably well. What Cameron did not acknowledge is that the majority of immigrants of all persuasions, if they do not already speak English, are quite keen to learn it. Some have more genuine difficulty with it than others. On the other hand, I know plenty of natives who are not that great with English either and plenty of English ex-pats living in France, Spain, Greece and so on who never had the good manners to learn to speak the native language. When it comes to learning other languages, we Brits are the very last people who should look down out noses at foreigners.

Learning the language is a key part of assimilation and most immigrants who wish to make their home here are seeking a life better than the one afforded by whatever country they have either left or run away from. Most immigrants, being human beings, are seeking a home, a safe environment where they can live without fear of being robbed, beaten up, lynched, have bits chopped off, flogged for distempered Facebook posts, bombed, shot or tortured. We should be proud that this country is seen by many as a place where this safety can still be found. Let us keep it that way. It is noticeable that as a rule, the more a country becomes an intolerable hell hole for its immigrants the more it also becomes an inolerable hell hole for its native citizens. The two are linked and have to do with the way human beings in general are viewed and treated.

Other things that will help with assimilation and the process of an immigrant settling in, becoming part of and feeling allegiance to the hosty country is fair and equitable justice. This means the rule of impartially adminstered, just laws without arbitrary punishment and which protects and defends the honest person. Therefore, both we and the government can help with social harmony and the sense of community be refraining from amplifying turbulence or making one community or another feel estranged, unwelcome, unwanted, rebuffed, alienated or without a true stake in the wellbeing of the culture.

These stipulations are aimed at immigrants. People already citizens of this country are all bound by the same laws and customs and the same expectation that they adhere to them and uphold them, regardless of race creed or colour.

You want a stable, strong country that earns the allegiance of all of its citizens and has them standing shoulder to shoulder to defend it? Have just laws that protect the honest citizen and punish only the criminal and a justice system freely accessible to all that enforces those laws even-handedly without fear or favour.