Monsanto's Chemical War on Humanity: white phosphorous and the depths of sadism

Monsanto is one of the most hated companies in the world. But is that stigma deserved?

Or has Monsanto been the victim of some very unfair criticism?

After all, it makes some pretty expansive claims about helping selflessly to feed the world and being nice to the environment. Can it be that its claims are merely PR gloss with no substance behind them?

Okay, so let's take a look.

For a start, is Monsanto's claim that its GMO crops increase crop yields justified? Nope. GM crops have not increased yields. In other words, its destructive effects on the food chain and the environment have been for nothing.

So have GM crops "achieved" anything? It depends what you mean by "achieve" and that in turn would depend on what you were trying to do.

If the goal was to achieve any of the following, then Monsanto has been a howling success all right:

1) encourage industrialized, chemical-dependent environmentally unsound farming
2) place sustainable, non-GM farming at risk
3) hit beneficial insect populations and aquatic habitats with Bt toxins
4) cause the emergence of several superweeds
5) increase the use of chemical herbicides, such as Monsanto's RoundUp
6) undertake a massive food experiment with billions of human beings as guinea pigs.
7) gamble recklessly with the food chain

But let's be honest, accumulating vast wealth is the goal of the masterminds behind Monsanto, not the enhanced survival of the riffraff and goyim like you and I. They push this agendum through the hijack of the power of central government itself, infiltrating government agencies and securing patents on life and through the compliance of their proxies and agents among the political elite of the West. The recently signed Trans-Pacific Partnership is a chilling example of this infiltration and subversion of political power.

While the governments of countries such as Russia are leading the way in freeing their people form the oppression of this criminal organisation, sad to say that no country is more corrupted by and under the thumb of Monsanto than the U.S., although the UK is not far behind.

In the US and UK Monsanto corrupt or supine political parties have sold out to Monsanto and other members of the corporate aristocracy, giving it easy ride in its drive to wreck agriculture, perhaps forever.

What needs to be looked at more closely is that the Monsanto attack on the food chain is a concerted and systematic assault that suggests the motive here may be more than just greed. The corporation's conduct, its evident determination and drive to harm and destroy marks it as an avowed and knowing enemy of the human race. A look into its ties with the Rothschild Zionist Khazarian Mafia operation suggest that here is another crime syndicate crying out for the firm hand of justice if such can be found among the corrupt and feckless governments of the West.

Indeed, agriculture is a fairly recent target for Monsanto's overall operations in its war against the planet's civilisations.

Its chemical manufacturing side goes far back. A notable theatre of its chemical warfare operations was Vietnam where Monsanto's vicious Agent Orange was used to destroy vast swathes of tropical rain forest, while its primary goal was to bring biochemical carnage - paid for with taxpayer dollars by the stooges in the freedom loving American government - to generations of human beings: including Vietnamese civilians, children and Vietnamese and American soldiers.

But Monsanto’s role as a purveyor of death goes even deeper than Agent Orange or other biochemical warfare agents.

It is a little known fact that for at least 20 years it has supplied the U.S. government with white phosphorus (WP) for incendiary weapons.

White phosphorous is truly the weapon of the depraved sadist and how its manufacturers and purveyors and the deviants who deploy it have evaded justice before the world's courts beggars belief.

White phosphorus burns to the bone. It sticks and continues to burn to the clothing and skin and causes the skin to melt away from the bone.

Some of this white phosphorus was used in Israel’s invasion of Gaza at the end of 2008. This operation was known as Operation Cast Lead or - more appropriately - the Gaza Massacre.

At first, Israel denied using it, but finally confessed under media pressure. Even a regime as brutal and inhumane as that of he Zionists was reluctant to admit it had sunk sub-human levels as to use this weapon on human beings, children among them.

According to Sputnik News, in 2009 the U.S. State Department confirmed that White Phosphorous weapons from its Arkansas plant were sent to Israel for use in that Gaza invasion. It is good to know that the US is doing its bit to uphold civilised values. The snowballing contempt in which it, the UK and Israel - the Axis if Evil - are held across the world is hard to comprehend in light of its humanitarian treatment of Palestinians.

But what of the Monsanto connection to Israel’s war crimes? Well, that and other uses of white phosphorus were exposed when the Current Events Inquiry scoured documents on the US Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website.

It found that the agribusiness company provided 180,000 pounds of WP to the US government for making projectiles at its Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas.

This complicity in crimes against humanity and the dragging of America further into the gutter is summed up nicely by the following quotes featured here

“The Government is aware of only one source, Monsanto, who currently manufactures WP in the US. WP requires specialized technology, skills and processes in its production. These technologies and skills must be protected within the NTIB [National Technology and Industrial Base, a term for the “persons and organizations that are engaged in research, development, production, integration, services, or information technology activities conducted within the United States and Canada”] in the event of a national emergency. […] Maintaining these skills within the NTIB is essential if the capability to produce WP is to be preserved. Without this restriction to the NTIB, there is a risk the domestic capacity to manufacture WP could be lost […] With only one known producer of WP in the NTIB (Monsanto), the Government’s support of this domestic capability is critically important as it reduces the risk to the war fighter in times of national emergency as well as avoiding a potentially dangerous dependency upon a foreign source.”

As a matter of interest, the Israeli government procures the WP through a third-party known as "ICL Performance Products". That company is a subsidiary of Israel Chemicals, Ltd.

Israel had used this sadistic weapon previously - in violation of the Geneva Convention - in Lebanon in 2006, while the U.S. military, not to be outdone in the raw sadism stakes, had also used white phosphorus during the battle of Fallujah in 2004.

Here is a quote from Sputnik News describing the mind-boggling cruelty of the effects of WP when used in heavily populated civilian areas such as Gaza.

“White phosphorus does not just maim, but can kill. It ignites upon contact with skin and burns either until it runs out of fuel or is cut off from oxygen. If inhaled or swallowed it can cause severe damage to any mucous membranes with which it comes in contact. Absorption through the skin means that a 10% burn can cause damage to internal organs such as the heart, liver, or kidneys, and can be fatal. Even after healing from an initial exposure, victims can suffer from long-lasting health problems, including birth defects and neurological damage.”

What worries me is if we know about these horrors, what else is the Monsanto crime syndicate up to that we don't yet know about?