Kiev understandably embarrassed by French documentary that lets the cat out of the bag over the Maidan coup.

The floundering Ukrainian regime in Kiev is none too happy about a new French documentary “Les Masques de la Revolution” (The Masks of Revolution) about the US-engineered "Maidan" coup in Kiev that ousted the democratically elected government and installed an inept right-wing Western puppet.

The documentary aired on February 1st after diplomatic representatives of the illegal Kiev government had asked the French national broadcaster Canal+ not to air it, claiming that it is inaccurate. That request was initially posted on the Embassy's Facebook page and was given short shrift in inimitable French fashion.

The documentary aired on schedule. According to the Ukrainian diplomats, “The Masks of Revolution,” - which is directed by the renowned French movie maker Paul Moreira - gives a “misrepresented view on the situation in Ukraine.”

They claim the documentary is (to quote Sputnik news) "a 'deception' rather than the example of the 'media pluralism' and advised Canal + 'to reconsider the possibility of airing the film on TV.'"

The Ukrainian embassy has also proposed their own list of documentaries about Maidan events, “hoping that one day these movies will be presented on Canal +.”

A synopsis of “The Masks of Revolution” posted on the Canal+ website states that the movie "presents a special investigation of the events that unfolded in Ukraine in 2014. In particular, it portrays the actions by far-right radical groups backed by the US and the violence in the southern city of Odessa in May, 2014 incited by nationalists."

It goes on to say that “Paul Moreira strips the masks of modern-day Ukraine and carries out an investigation on the firing line of the new 'cold war' between the East and the West.”

To make the documentary, Moreira talked to members of organizations as “The Right Sector” and “Azov” and carried out his own investigation into the role of Washington in the Ukrainian events, which is a much more fruitful way of making known what happened to Ukraine and who was responsible for the dismantling of that country than forwarding Washington or Kiev's propaganda.

For those who did not follow events at the time, the coup in Kiev was a Washington/NATO-backed regime-change operation with US Khazarian mafia proxies and associated loons, including Victoria Nuland and the vacuous John McCain, up to their elbows in the blood and tears of a nation.

Since then, predictably, things have not gone too well for Ukraine as tends to happen for countries touched by Washington's kiss of death.

The Russian speaking more-than-half of the country took none too kindly to their country being taken over by neo-Nazi yobs and American-backed (or just plain American) bankster oligarchs and swiftly rose in a revolt that has been tearing the country apart ever since.

The residents of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia (to which it used to belong until the Communists gave it to Ukraine). The Crimean Parliament then duly announced its secession from Ukraine and re-entry into the embrace of Mother Russia, where it rightly figured the Crimean people would be a lot safer and more prosperous. Russia backed that up with military muscle just in case the strutting clowns in Kiev got any funny ideas about ignoring the will of the people in the true tradition of Western-style democracy and snatched it back again.

Ukraine was then subjected to "the treatment" from Western banksters and associated Khazarian mafia plunderers and crooks. She was mis-managed into economic ruin - which tends to happen when you are being run by parasites and criminals who are strangers to honest endeavour - and went bankrupt.

Her government now teeters on the brink of defaulting on several loans. One such massive debt is $3 billion to Russia but Russia has thus far been disinclined to agree to writing off the debt, although there have been moves by Sberbank [its state-owned commercial bank] help to reschedule the loan. But the $3 billion is but a tiny fraction of Ukraine's total debt.

Un-repayable debt and bankruptcy are, to be fair, par for the course for countries that let themselves be hoodwinked into the Rothschild Khazarian mafia banking scam and its cynically institutionalised debt servitude. As, like Israel, Ukraine relies increasingly on handouts from the long-suffering American taxpayer - in the remaining months or years left to this inherently flawed and un-viable set-up at any rate - it is fascinating to compare the fortunes of the two countries that were, until Washington intervened, allies.

  • Ukraine plunges deeper and deeper into debt and will go under any day. Her President Petro Poroshenko 's current ratings show that he is less popular among Ukrainians than his predecessor Viktor Yanukovych was before his government was overthrown, according to Ukrainian TV Channel Novin 24.

Russia did something quite rare and remarkable in the modern economically-mismanaged world: she paid off the last of her debts in 2006. Her President,Vladimir Putin, currently enjoys approval among Russians that exceeds a staggering eighty percent rating.