Iceland jails bankers, forgives debt, Icelanders happy, Rothschild livid

Iceland appears to be run by a government that works for all the people. That government, evidently, understands economics and money and is manned by politicians and administrators who are not agents or proxies for the Rothschild bankster crime syndicate.

They have just made quite stunning "unorthodox" move to cancel much of the mortgage debt of Iceland's citizens.

"Oh you can't do that! " say the banksters who create out of thin air the money they lend to mortgage borrowers and then make fat profits on the interest charged on those loans of previously non-existent money. 

"Unorthodox" in this case means "the banksters don't want you to do it" or, indeed, seeing through their charade to the understanding that you very much CAN do it actually.

There is little wonder that this stunning move has received virtually NO mainstream media attention. The bankster owners of the media do not want it getting around that countries can do this sort of thing - and not only do it, but prosper from it too.

In a nutshell, it works like this:

When you borrow for a mortgage, the banks create the money to lend you out of nothing. It is entirely a ledger entry made with a "sweep of the pen". The money DID NOT PREVIOUSLY EXIST. You now spend the bulk of your working life paying it off at whopping great profits (interest) to the lender. As you pay back the sum you borrow, the principal, it is cancelled out of existence.

But wait. The money thus created is used to buy a house off of somebody else. He uses that money to pay off his own debt-plus-interest and the remainder is his to keep - provided the value of his property has risen, which it usually does. He then spends that profit as he wishes. As he spends it, it circulates in the economy and comprises a chunk of the total stock of circulating money.

In other words, the system guarantees a continuous flow to the banking sector of wealth, its profit on creating money out of thin air and renting it out to the rest of us for a while.

As the debt is paid off, the money is removed from circulation and cancelled out of existence. In order to maintain a stock of circulating money, new money must be created and gotten into circulation to replace it. This means more borrowing. In this case, more mortgage borrowing.

Forgiveness of mortgage debt allows the money that would have been paid back to the banksters and been expunged to remain in circulation, thus reducing the pressure on the consumer to borrow new money into circulation.

In other words, debt forgiveness (where the debt being forgiven is of money created out of nothing for the purpose of lending it at interest) reduces the overall debt burden on the economy and the pressure upon the people and entities operating in the economy to borrow.

Iceland's move is thus a step in the right direction towards a time when our economies are supplied by debt-free, proper money.

A switch from the debt-based system that is now crippling the planet, to a debt-free systyem moves us into uncharted waters in terms of the best and smoothest way to make the transition without too many sudden jolts. 

It is a necessary transition and one that will open up a whole new world of prospeity for everyone on the planet - proveded man has not lost his willigness to produye-  but Iceland provides us with a chance to study how this transition can be made as painlessly as possible.

Iceland's experience will teach us a great deal about how to go about it. 

The debt forgiveness being undertaken here is still some way from the fullness of moving to a debt-free economy but it is a wonderful start from which we can learn a great deal.

A full transition to a debt free economy, I would argue, of necessity includes (and opens the door to) a cancellation of  income tax as well. You can read a summary of what has to happen here. For a fuller explanation of the banking scam and why it must be reformed, go here

For sure, debt forgiveness and other measures towards the creation of a debt-free and bankster-free economy will play vital roles in the rise of the new civilisation that is now occurring. A new, much improved civilisation will have to have a decent money system and the one we have at the moment sure ain't it.

As the current, inherently flawed system crumbles the nations able to make the transition to debt-free money will not only survive its decay successfully, they will positively boom so expect to see these issues become more and more prevalent, whether the MSM likes it or not.

At the moment there is naturally a determined effort to keep this issue and the great example set by Iceland out of the news. The media serve and are owned by the bankster elite so that is to be expected.

It is fascinating that the media has completely ignored any news about Iceland’s debt forgiveness, something which you would think would make huge headlines. A country lets millions of people off massive chunks of their mortgages whilst jailing its bankers? Can you imagine the impact it would make if it happened in the UK? If that isn't newsworthy, I don't know what is. 

Yet. if you Google “ICELAND FORGIVES MORTGAGE DEBT”, at this writing (7th Feb 2016) you will get about 159,000 results but of those, as I scroll down, I cannot see one article from the MSM. 

All of the pages that come up seem to be from the alternative media. It is quite remarkable that not just a few newspapers are ignoring the story, but ALL newspapers and ALL TV and Radio. How can that be a coincidence?

This is MSM censorship should tell you who owns and runs the MSM and dictates its narratives with remarkable conformity displayed across the industry.

The Iceland government stood by its citizens and instead of penalising THEM for a calamity that was not of their making, they brought to justice the banksters, those whose administration of a parastic system sank in 2008 one of the world's most prosperous economies. 

The banksters and crooks prosecuted are of course middle-rankers well below the upper echelons of the Rothschild Khazarian mafia godfathers running the global monetary crime syndicate.

But it is a start. it demonstrates that a government and its people working together can bring these parasites to justice. It is merely a matter of time now as this centuries-old fraud unravels before the godfathers themselves find themselves in the dock.

Now the rest of people of the world needs to study and learn from Iceland's example: stand up to and against the corruption and fraud of the Khazarian mafia banksters and their political puppets, proxies and stooges.

But make no mistake about it, things are looking up!