Here comes the New Threat, same as the Old Threat: U.S is using ISIS to revive the Terror Industry, says Whistleblower

There is nothing like a well-staged "terrorist" attack for getting everybody upset and meekly allowing government to spit on their rights so as to "protect them" from the bogeyman.

So-called “terrorist” attacks have been taking place periodically across the world for decades, although once upon a time they had the scary word "communist" or "IRA" attached to them, words that have now been replaced with the currently fashionable scary words "jihadist" and "Muslim". The most memorable one was 9/11 2001.

Remember how, once upon a time, the Reds were coming and were going to murder us all in our beds? Whatever happened to them? They sort of melted away, mainly because they were not quite the all-conquering monsters we were told they were. But never mind, we now have a new all-conquering monster to worry about, be terrified of, get mad at and have government (hah!) protect us from.

The new threat is so similar to the old threat in terms of how it is presented to us as that it  appears as if the old threat has been merely re-branded.

But in its new incarnation it  provides all sorts of reasons to throw massive bundles of lucre at the MIC (military industrial con). In fact, the MIC, without the timely replacement of the old threat by a new one, might have gone bankrupt or been forced to manufacture things that help people survive. Phew! (I hear you say) We owe the terrorists a big thank-you for appearing on the scene in nick of time and sparing us all that unimaginable horror!

Of course the media and the government's political clones put a great deal of work into amplifying the fear. We lose sight of the fact that thus far in the US terrorists have killed about 50 people (outside of the 9/11 biggie that I will get to in a moment) which is dramatically less than the 1100 people the cops in America killed last year alone. By and large we have less chance of being killed by a terrorist than we do of being struck by lightning or some such thing.

When the 2001 biggie came along, it was almost as if terrorism thus far (and since, on the whole) had not scared people enough or convinced people enough of an external threat and that single event changed all that in a timely manner.

A little earlier, we had had the Cold War and Communist Russia as a tangible, identifiable threat (although never as dire as we were told) until it inconveniently spoiled the whole game by collapsing and leaving a vacuum in the scary threat department. 

Peace, or at least a reduced sense of impending doom, threatened to rear its ugly head, which in turned threatened the MIC gravy train, It seriously jeopardised the bankster/Zionists' plans for taking over the world too: there was a danger they would not be able to step in to solve all the chaos if the chaos had suddenly stopped happening.

So into the scary-threat breach stepped (or was shoved|) Islam, which nobody had been much worried about - and indeed we of the West had been busy beating up, conquering, invading, colonising and inflicting Israel upon for quite some time.

So 2001 did the trick. We had a monster big enough and scary enough to outweigh for a while our natural and warranted fear of the loons closer to home in our own governments, themselves proxies and fifth-columnists for the bankster/Zionist wheeze to destroy the planet's incumbent civilisations (the West's included).
The wheeze is supposed to culminate in replacing them all with a really tedious totalitarian utopia run by Zionist banksters and a small group of other chums of Lucifer totally unqualified to be left in charge of anything where human welfare is at stake. 

But the 9/11 attack on New York kind of backfired. While it did provide the pretext for the ensuing war on terror and other capers involving the destruction and enslavement of humanity by socio-pathic twats, it was also so full of holes the whole narrative began to unravel like a badly-knitted cardigan.
The People, having been more or less comatose since the the first alien colonists built the sphinx in 40 000 BC, began to wake up. Like something out of a Zombie apocalypse movie, more and more of the not-quite-dead-after-all have begun to stir, walk about and bump into things and snack upon politicians' brains in the graveyard of the long dead. 

We have arrived at a point where 9/11 stands exposed, not so much as the greatest terror event of all time but as the greatest terror event organised by a government against (on so many levels) its own people. That we know about at any rate.

A few Muslims were thrown in - to keep the Muslims=Terrorism branding imprinted on the public mind as if with a branding iron - and as the jumper continues to unravel more and more connivance and dastardly deeds by our governments are starting to come to light. 

There is Operation Gladio for example and the well-documented fact that Al-Qaeda was a creation of the CIA, with multiple sources that show that that ISIS is no different. (source)(source).

ISIS was more or less a re-branding of Al Qaeda, a brand change rather than a wholly new phenomenon. Interwoven into all this was the marketing strategy of more deeply associating terrorism with the religion of Islam. This a deliberate strategy in the effort to place Western and Islamic civilisations (both targeted for destruction) into conflict. This has been so thoroughly done that a large number of Americans - a nation not noted for its equanimity - turn apoplectic at the mere sight of a hijab.

And there is the whole matter of Saudi Arabian sponsorship of Islamic extremism and the attempts of that kingdom's ruling crime family and stout chums of the US and UK to spread globally a creed that will return humanity to the Middle Ages (except with hand-held missile launchers and Captagon).

But it is now very, very obvious that the same terrorist groups the United States and its allies are fighting against were created by the United States and its allies! This is so much so that we have to ask whether, without Western and Saudi finance, Saudi promotion of extremism, bankster finance, western psychiatric brainwashing, Western manufacture and donations of weaponry (there are NO industries in the Middle East for example manufacturing weapons) and western media propagandising there would even BE much, if any, terrorism!

It is vital we ask and keep asking and demanding an answer to the same questions when it comes to ISIS, this latest gruesome phantsmagoria dreamed up by the psy-ops Frankensteins and their bankster paymasters.

Such threats, such terror groups are created to give the false illusion that we are under attack, in order to justify dismantling our own culture at home and the cultures of other people abroad.
What is being waged here is in fact not a war on terror but a war on the human race

Here is a video of US four star General Wesley Clark pretty much alluding to the same thing and I have posted below a video of FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds being interviewed on RT news.

Ms Edmonds is a former FBI translator and founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC). She became celebrated in 2002 after she accused an FBI colleague of covering up illicit activity involving Turkish nationals. This activity included serious security breaches and cover-ups, and intelligence that was deliberately suppressed. Not surprisingly Ms Edmonds was given by her employers a very hard time for her patriotism. The last thing the fifth-columnists running the USA need is real American patriots getting in their way.

Ms Edmonds is one brave and intelligent woman who knows what she is talking about. In the video she points to the inevitable conclusion that ISIS is the creation of those who are calling them terrorists.

Please watch it and give it some careful thought.What staggers me about all this is that the criminality of those in high places is so well known yet they have not been torn from power and brought to trial for their crimes by an enraged people.

It may be that people like being trampled over and abused by a self-appointed aristocracy without conscience or remorse or human decency. But just in case you don't like being used as a doormat by your own government, check out the video.

You can read a full transcript of this interview here.