Drug Free Kids Episode #25: Giving Kids the Truth that Sets Them Free

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Hosted by Steve Cook,

I am pleased to welcome back for another update on the Drug Free Kids campaign the former martial arts champion Pete Dwan. Pete is the campaign’s founder and his hard work spanning 11 years of bringing children the truth about drugs is revolutionizing drug education and opening up a workable approach to a drug free future.

He has given his famous drugs talk to well over 80 000 children over the past ten years. But even when you look at the UK alone, 80, 000 children is but a drop in the ocean compared to the numbers that pass through the education system year in and year out. The vast majority will miss out on this vital education as Pete simply cannot physically reach every children – unless we come up with a way of bringing to ALL children the vital knowledge that will help set them free.

Well such a way has been found!

To find out how the problem of how to reach every child has been solved, listen to the show now!

More info is also available at www.beating the dealer.com or www.beatingthedealer.co.uk

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