Define "Great" and Other Misunderstood Words

Dumb enough to trust this con man?
I am very pleased to publish an excerpt from a wonderful essay by Thomas G Clark that appeared on his blog "Another Angry Voice." I've quoted the part that most appealed to me but the whole essay is well worth a read and I strongly recommend it.

I can only add my own, less erudite views that there is probably a direct correlation between the educational/literacy level of the population and a country's general wellbeing, prosperity, cohesion and strength.

I wrote this rap-style poem last year. A moment of madness. Not sure if it really works but, ah, what the heck! Nothing wrong with falling flat on your face every now and then

The MMR/Autism Link: Dr Andrew Wakefield's Exoneration All But Complete

The British High Court has thrown out the conviction of Prof walker-Smith, the autism/vaccine MD. This is turn means that Dr Andrew Wakefield’s exoneration is complete.

The possible corruption on the part of the GMC and Big Pharma in cahoots with a Rupert Murdoch newspaper that led to the victimisation and ruination of two honest men now needs to be investigated and wrongdoers brought to justice.

The Citizens Forum Radio: From Palestine with Love

Presented by Steve Cook, the Editor of The Liberty Beacon UK, With special Guest Ariyana Love, Director of the Middle East Rising project.

This week I am once again delighted to welcome Ariyana back onto my show for another lively and fascinating discussion on the subject of Palestine under the brutal Zionist occupation and broader insights into the conflict in Syria and how the geopolitics of the crime syndicate that has suborned western – and most Middle Eastern – governments is wrecking the lives of millions of good people.

NHS Crisis: Patients is a Virtue

I am very pleased to feature this great article by the freelance writer and journalist Dave Randle:

Last week’s Guardian investigation into Britain’s embattled National Health Service asks us individually how much we have ‘cost’ the service from the cradle to the grave situation it now finds itself in.

Drug Free Kids Episode #25: Giving Kids the Truth that Sets Them Free

Listen to show at the TLB Radio logo below this article

Hosted by Steve Cook,

I am pleased to welcome back for another update on the Drug Free Kids campaign the former martial arts champion Pete Dwan. Pete is the campaign’s founder and his hard work spanning 11 years of bringing children the truth about drugs is revolutionizing drug education and opening up a workable approach to a drug free future.

Kicking out the Enemies of Man. All together now . . . shove! Another update of the game-behind-the-game

Here is another report from Ben Fulford on the war to eliminate mankind's common enemy, the so-called Rothschild Khazarian mafia. Enjoy! 

And please visit Ben regularly at his website for more fascinating insights into the real geopolitical game-behind-the-game!

A concerted push is under way to end Khazarian mafia rule this year

The current geopolitical situation, especially in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, is one that is ripe for regime change. 

The biggest event of 2016 may well be the fall of the Khazarian mafia government in the United States. With this primary source of evil and warfare removed from power, world peace should also be possible in 2016.

Going down: the Rothschild Khazarian mafia and its decrepit paradigm. More insights from the game-behind-the-game

don't always agree with everything published on Veterans Today but the following article by Preston James gives more useful insight into the game-behind-the-game and the fascinating struggle that is now ongoing for the future of our planet.

At this point in time the main threat in my view to the cultures of this planet and its interwoven human communities is the Rothschild Khazarian mafia. This is a crime syndicate with roots deep in the past and it was a black day for the planet in its struggle to rise up out of barbarism when this vicious band of criminal dynasties seized control of the means of exchange - money - of much of the planet.

Russians should be protected from GMO foods and pharmaceutical companies “at all costs,” says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear that he considers the Western pharmaceutical industry and big food corporations a threat to the well-being of Russia’s citizens.

It is quite refreshing to discover a national leader who takes his job of working for his country's citizens seriously - as opposed to seeing them as cattle to be milked by his chums in big business.

Indeed, it is quite a sad state of affairs and a measure of how gross has been the West's mismanagement by its political elite to see them put to shame by their counterparts in Russia.

Putin did not mince words or engage in smarmy Western-style double-speak when he stated in a report prepared by the Russian Security Council that Russians should be protected from GMO foods and pharmaceutical companies “at all costs.” 

Saudis worried as Russia becomes China's biggest oil partner

For a long time Saudi Arabia has far out-done Russia as a major supplier of oil to booming China.

At the beginning of this current decade, the Saudi share of Chinese crude imports was evidently around 20%, while Russia's was below 7%.

But something has changed. The hijack of the US' governance by the Rothschild mafia and their political collaborators and proxies, which resulted in Washington-led aggression by the West and the increasingly obvious pursuit of full spectrum dominance, have naturally driven countries like Russia and China to do the obvious: cooperate closely economically and politically as allies.

Dumping the dollar. The trend away from the ailing currency continues as Tehran seeks payment for its oil in Euros

Iran wants key customers to pay for its oil in euros rather than dollars according to Reuters. The government in Tehran is also determined to receive any money that has been owed to it since the imposition of sanctions in Euros.

Soon Iran will resume making deliveries of crude oil, with companies such the 
Spanish refiners Cepsa and Litascoas, the French Total and Russia’s Lukoil having already signed contracts. According to a source at the state-owned National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC), Tehran wants to receive payment in euros (Reuters).

Washington's folly catalyzes new global alliances as the West shoots itself in the foot. But every problem is an Opportunity

It looks very much like profound changes to the global economy and what some are calling a tectonic shift in the international power structure are taking place.

Eurasian Unity Trumps Bankster Crime Syndicate

Monsanto's Chemical War on Humanity: white phosphorous and the depths of sadism

Monsanto is one of the most hated companies in the world. But is that stigma deserved?

Or has Monsanto been the victim of some very unfair criticism?

After all, it makes some pretty expansive claims about helping selflessly to feed the world and being nice to the environment. Can it be that its claims are merely PR gloss with no substance behind them?

Okay, so let's take a look.

Split Milk Review - Ingenue Magazine Feb 2016

Very pleased by this great review of my story "Spilt Milk" that appeared in this month's edition of the arts magazine "Ingenue".

Many thanks to Gill the editor for her very kind words. Ingenue is an excellent magazine which you can visit on line at

Iceland jails bankers, forgives debt, Icelanders happy, Rothschild livid

Iceland appears to be run by a government that works for all the people. That government, evidently, understands economics and money and is manned by politicians and administrators who are not agents or proxies for the Rothschild bankster crime syndicate.

They have just made quite stunning "unorthodox" move to cancel much of the mortgage debt of Iceland's citizens.

"Oh you can't do that! " say the banksters who create out of thin air the money they lend to mortgage borrowers and then make fat profits on the interest charged on those loans of previously non-existent money. 

"Unorthodox" in this case means "the banksters don't want you to do it" or, indeed, seeing through their charade to the understanding that you very much CAN do it actually.

30 000+ Bombs in one year. That's morally superior is it?

The violence meted out against Muslims by us "peace loving", "innocent", "non-violent" and "morally superior" Westerners who never did anybody any harm beggars belief.

This is not to say that all Muslims are peace-loving pleasant chaps because while, in my experience, the vast majority are indeed peaceful, essentially good-natured people (in about the same percentage as any other broad human group) there are some who are aggressive, thuggish, violent, intolerant bastards (in about the same percentage as any other broad human group). 

Deranged People

The fight back is on. Another update from the game-behind-the-game

The fight for the future of this planet is no longer one-sided with the oppressors of man having it all their own way. Humanity is fighting back from many quarters and in many ways.

Vital among these is the battle now being won at the highest levels. We have lived for a long while on a planet run by criminals and the mess around you is result you would expect from a planet run by criminals.

But honest men are working shoulder-to-shoulder across the globe to squeeze the worst of criminality and parasitism out of the administration of humanity's affairs. It is not a battle being fought by saints or angels but by men, so do not expect miracles or all the hands lent to the shield wall to be squeaky clean.

Kiev understandably embarrassed by French documentary that lets the cat out of the bag over the Maidan coup.

The floundering Ukrainian regime in Kiev is none too happy about a new French documentary “Les Masques de la Revolution” (The Masks of Revolution) about the US-engineered "Maidan" coup in Kiev that ousted the democratically elected government and installed an inept right-wing Western puppet.

The documentary aired on February 1st after diplomatic representatives of the illegal Kiev government had asked the French national broadcaster Canal+ not to air it, claiming that it is inaccurate. That request was initially posted on the Embassy's Facebook page and was given short shrift in inimitable French fashion.

Fulford reports global debt-slavery crime syndicate under attack as humanity rallies

More inside scoop from the fascinating high-level game-behind-the-game, thanks to the ever-insightful and informative reporting of Ben Fulford. 

Visit his website regularly for stunning insights, mind-blowing briefings and heart-stopping predictions.

The Citizens Forum Radio: Talking with Islam 2

LATEST RADIO. Each week, on the Citizens Forum I am very happy to give YOU a chance to have your say and tell listeners about your group, project or beliefs.

If you are fighting back against tyranny one way or another, then this show is for you. It is your chance to talk with someone who is interested in what you have to say and an audience that will listen.

It has become painfully obvious that one of the ways the New World Order global domination cult and the Khazarian mafia that drives it is trying to oppress and subjugate man is the Divide and Rule caper in which he tries to set human groups against one another in conflict.

Take heart! The 200-year Khazarian Crime Spree is ending! Latest report on the game-behind-the-game

There is an awful lot going on behind the scenes, the game-behind-the-game that we see nothing of in the MSM and indeed very little of on the internet. 

Some of it is quite astounding and there is little doubt that behind the smoke screen of chaos and dismay that has been so carefully erected to keep you demoralised and drive you into apathy - a classic psychological warfare ploy - there are changes happening that are quite breathtaking.

No licence, no qualifications, no conscience, Dr Death and Swiss suicide clinic under investigation

One of the problems we have to resolve with our society is that there are too many parasites making money hand-over-fist from misery and death. 

So we wind up with an awful lot of misery and death.

The fundamental natural principle at work is that if you reward criminality and penalise the non-criminal, you will get criminality. And the more you reward it, the more of it you will get.

Drug Free Kids Radio. Episode #24: Reaching the Kids with the Truth

I am pleased to welcome back for another show the former martial arts champion Pete Dwan, whose 11-year Drug Free Kids campaign is revolutionizing drug education and opening up a way forward to a drug free future. He has given his famous drugs talk to well over 80 000 children over the past ten years. His expertise in how to effectively talk to young children about drugs has been hard won across a decade of dedicated work.

But even when you look at the UK alone, 80, 000 children is but a drop in the ocean compared to the numbers that pass through the education system year in and year out. The vast majority miss out on this vital education as Pete simply cannot physically reach every children. 

PM Cameron continues support of terrorism while making inept propaganda digs at Muslim women

In the article featured below, commenting on PM Cameron's latest sly dig at immigrants, Sheema Kawar says: "If greater assimilation was the end goal of Cameron’s measure, he defeated its purpose by singling out Muslim women."

And the second article finishes with this statement by Dr Omer El-Hamdoon – President of the Muslim Association of Britain: “Although the actual number of non-English speaking Muslim women is low, we welcome this initiative. We believe Muslim women who speak English as well as another language will be a positive influence in society. It will also mean they will be better positioned to continue their own education as well as support their families.”

Fair enough. I would go further and say that if greater assimilation was in fact the PM's goal, then his statement was . . . well, inept. It was so inept that if I were him I would sack whoever tells him what to say.

Government to Borrow Money to Get out of Debt

The government today announced that it is “completely stumped” and unable to explain how the nation ended up with twice as much debt as there is actual money in existence.

However, a spokescretin, for the Treasury, Mr Sloe Deathby-Tax, pointed out that this particular cloud in the overcast heavens does have a silver lining in that Great Britain is in fact doing a lot better than the United States, which has around three times as much debt as money.

Here comes the New Threat, same as the Old Threat: U.S is using ISIS to revive the Terror Industry, says Whistleblower

There is nothing like a well-staged "terrorist" attack for getting everybody upset and meekly allowing government to spit on their rights so as to "protect them" from the bogeyman.

So-called “terrorist” attacks have been taking place periodically across the world for decades, although once upon a time they had the scary word "communist" or "IRA" attached to them, words that have now been replaced with the currently fashionable scary words "jihadist" and "Muslim". The most memorable one was 9/11 2001.

With friends like these . .

The recent threat by ISIS to wage war on London makes ISIS, of course our avowed and knowing enemy. It is a declaration of war. But that also makes those who aid and abet, arm, finance, indoctrinate, drug and train those people our enemy, even when those persons are found among our "friends" or our "Very Best People".

Who are the Manipulative Sociopaths and Godless Creeps behind ISIS?

The article below provides interesting observations on the apparent recruitment success of DAESH (ISIS).

I think it is inevitable that, in the present world with its many dissatisfactions, a group with a strong ideal or message (even an insane one) and a way of portraying its murdering rampages as being in service of some higher ideal will attract a certain number of young fighters to its ranks.

But that's enough about the American military. What about ISIS?