Toothless in Seattle: America’s Horrible Experience with Fluoride

The poor ruddy Americans are having a torrid time with the criminals who have hijacked and are doing their best to ruin their great country. But the problems and bad experiences they are having with their government agencies and other branches of the ruling crime syndicate can at least serve as a warning for the rest of us as to what to avoid like the plague. A case in point is the catastrophe of fluoridation of their water, which has been done under the guise of “ensuring healthy teeth” backed by a very scientific PR campaigns. What has emerged from that horrible bit of social engineering in which the entire population is used as a chemical laboratory is clear evidence that fluoride harms the teeth. Americans have wound up, God help them, with even worse teeth than we Brits, underscoring the blindingly obvious fact that there is no substitute for sensible dental hygeine and a diet that does not rot the gums or dissolve tooth enamel. What has also resulted from America’s tragic experience with fluoride is a whole slew of . . . read more here