The Tavistock Centre: Mind Control on the NHS?

Here is a fascinating video documentary on the Tavistock Insitute, a psychiatric viper’s nest where slither the mind-control, mass-manipulation technicians of global tyranny.

You have to ask yourself what sort of people invest their careers and /or vast amounts of money and resources into the dedicated search for ways to manuipulate and enslave their fellow human beings. As opposed that is to seeking ways to liberate Man and make him freer in thought and the discovery of self , universe and his own salvation. The sly, underhanded, manipulative and profoundly dishonest methods developed by the servants of the New World Order at vipers’ nests like The Tavistock tells you all you need to know about the satanic nature of that particular den of thieves and murderers – and the utter folly of having the planet run by its very worst people. Read more here