The psycho-puppets panic as the economic you-know-what hits the fan

The need for monetary change was never greater than it is right now. 

This featured article from our friends at Your News Wire, if true, goes a long way towards explaining why Western propagandists have been engaged in a feverish but ultimately unsuccessful campaign to demonise Vladimir and rush us all into doing something we are very sure to regret: go to war with Russia.

Nobody except perhaps some neo-Nazis in Ukraine, ISIS and, of course the Gang of Loons running Washington has much of a beef with Russia: few of us are in a hurry to sacrifice our children and indeed the future of the planet to having a fight with people with whom we have no real quarrel except the fake ones propagandised in the Zionist MSM and the internet. Washington’s psychopuppets however are in a very suspicious tearing hurry to get us embroiled in a war before the coming economic you-know-what hits the fan.

Russia’s efforts to protect her economy and her people from the bankster crime syndicates and their proxies that . . . READ MORE HERE