Just as a dog has fleas,the Muslims have their extremists as we in the West have ours. But are we being tormented by the same flea?

The influence of Western-based agencies in fostering "Islamic" terrorism through operations such as the famous and infamous Gladio is well documented.

The corrupting influence of Western extremists upon some so-called Muslim groups has another dark and degenerate aspect: the infiltration of the atheistic and completely godless psychiatrists with their brain-damaging drugs.

What place a group that believes man is a soul-less animal, that God does not exist and Holy scriptures are works of fiction has in Islam is anybody's guess. I cannot think of any creed more opposed to Islam - or to any religious or spiritual beliefs - than the psychiatrists. Certainly any man advocating or tolerating psychiatry and its practices is a man without Faith or sincere religious belief.

And since when among truly devout believers does faith in a drug supplant faith in God? The two schools of thought are simply incompatible.

Yet we find within some Muslim groups this atheistic creed has been given succour, allowed to infiltrate, subvert and engage in its depraved practices.

Make no mistake, psychiatry is a Western-spawned pseudo-science that has spearhead the destruction of Western culture. It corrupts, be design, everything it touches.

In essence, it is the psychological warfare arm of that other Zionist-spawned blight upon humanity, Communism. Indeed, tracing the Zionist roots and Zionist-bankster funding of psychiatry and psychology makes and an interesting exercise. For example, one of the "founding fathers" of psychiatric brain-butchery, Emil Kraepelin was financed and backed by the Zionist Loeb banking family.

Perhaps we can now better understand the bizarre "priorities" of the crazed ISIS mercenaries. While they pose as Muslims, they slaughtering Muslims with great sadism. They do that whilst embracing the arch-atheists, the psychiatrist,s among their upper echelons - not merely giving them succour but granting them status and deference as "doctors" and advisors.

The articles referenced below will give you further insight into how people and groups on the lunatic fringes of Islam have been infiltrated and subverted and made the pawns of Western-based agencies.

I used the term "Western-based" rather than "The West" because use of the latter term is too general. There are at work Western agencies that have been infiltrated and subverted by an enemy. That enemy is as inimical to The West as it is to Islam or indeed humanity in general.

Those subverted groups, while they masquerade as agencies of Western nations ARE themselves extremists. The murder and subversion, the dismantling of entire countries, the destruction of communities, the arming and training of terrorists and smuggling of drugs - not to mention their use of psychological warfare, false flags and engineered chaos - that are their stock-in-trade are the actions of the most egregious extremists.

Just as the actions of Muslim extremists are alien to most Muslims, the philosophy and goals of the hidden enemy in our midst are alien to Western values and the Western view of man. Their effect has been the DESTRUCTION of Western culture, the loss of its guiding principles and values in education, jurisprudence, spirituality, scientific purpose and method, health, sexuality, human rights, civics, child-rearing, self-reliance, personal responsibility, morals and almost any aspect you care to examine.

Sadly, many Western agencies have fallen into that enemy's clutches and now do its bidding, drawing parasitically upon the resources of Western governments (and the funds of Western tax payers) to wreak havoc upon the cultures of the entire planet.

Psychiatric drugging is one way it spreads its destructive influence and this is no more egregious than it is in the sphere of turning human beings into what are, for all intents and purposes, mindless killer-droids.

For greater understanding of this phenomenon and its contemporary expression through the depraved antics of ISIS and other terror groups, the following article will give you some of the background. It is from the excellent and educational History for Free, which I urge you to visit toview the article at source:


As leader of the Third Reich, it is commonly known Adolf Hilter advocated forLebensreform (life reform). Chief among this belief was that members of the Aryan Race should abstain from drug and alcohol use in order to create a pure and strong race. However, at the same time Lebensreform was being advocated by Hilter and party officials like Heinrich Himmler, Nazi military men were nonetheless being fed the methamphetamine Pervitin in massive quantities during World War II.

Referred to as “pilot’s salt” or “tank chocolate” by members of the Wehrmacht(German armed forces), Pervitin was seen as a wonder drug by officials who freely distributed it to military men. The drug increased German soldiers’ alertness and endurance, and gave them confidence and euphoric feelings No member of theWehrmacht was immune from the drugs effects: pilots, infantrymen, and civil defense soldiers, were consuming large quantities of methamphetamine by order of the Nazi high command.

The use of amphetamine was not uncommon throughout industrialized countries during the 1930s and 40s. Indeed, Dexedrine and other amphetamines would be given to allied pilots during the War to maintain alertness. However, in the 1938, German paramedical company Temmler Werke began working on Pervitin, a new drug that was structurally different then previous “pep” pills on the market. The Academy of Military Medicine in Berlin, decided to study methamphetamine to determine if it could be beneficial in combat situations. In tests, the academy noticed that subjects dosed with Pervitin were able to perform better in mathematical and memory tests in a controlled environment. As a result, 3 mg tablets of Pervitin were included in medical supplies for German military units during the invasion of Poland in 1939.

The success of the Polish invasion furthered Pervitin’s reputation as a military performance enhancer and consumption of the drug skyrocketed. As Nicholas Rasmussen notes, “In the Blitzkreig’s opening months… the German military consumed 35 million methamphetamine tablets” between April-June 1940. The use of Pervitin was not only restricted to enlisted men. Hilter, who suffered from numerous health symptoms, used cocaine and methamphetamine under a doctor’s watchful eye. On the homefront, non-military personal began taking the drug as part of the civilian effort. News of the new German wonder drug caused both wonder and concern among the Allies.

While Pervitin did produce positive effects, there was considerable concern about its effectiveness. Allied nations testing Pervitin on their own pilots, noticed that it caused agitation, restless, and impaired judgment. A widely circulated rumor told of an entire Germany infantry company surrendering to Russian forces in Leningrad after it wasted all its bullets during a methamphetamine-induced psychosis. In addition, Luftwaffe soldiers were also deemed as less effective and distracted by senior officials after methamphetamine-fueled missions garnered mixed results. It was widely documented that Pervitin produced restlessness, delusions, and insomnia for the soldiers. Withdrawal, unavoidable due to the heavy demand for Pervitin, was also painful for soldiers and may have been linked to poor military decision-making and suicides by SS soldiers.

Regardless of their side effects, the demand for the drug remained high throughout the war. Soldiers (including future Pulitzer Prize winner Heinrich Boll) wrote letters home asking their parents to send them the methamphetamine. Despite attempts to control usage of the drug, it is estimated that 200 million Pervitin pills were given to Wehrmacht soldiers between 1939 and 1945. Quite literally, Pervitin fueled Nazi Germany’s military exploits.

Shortly before the war ended, Nazi doctors began working on an improvement to the Pervitin pill (code name D-IX) that allegedly contained methamphetamine, cocaine, and a powerful painkiller (which was initially tested in concentration camps). However, the invasion of Normandy by the Allies prevented the further use and study of this pill. Amazingly, Pervitin was part of the medical supplies for both the West and Eastern Germany armies until 1988.