The Complete History of Monsanto: Over 100 Years of Poisoning Planet Earth

It has been said that for evil to flourish it is only necessary for good men to do nothing. One might amend that to "nothing effective".

One could rephrase it somewhat and say that when the power of evil becomes monstrous, one can trace it back to all the opportunities that were neglected to apply justice to it while it was still incapable of broad harm.

In the absence of justice evil flourishes. In fact, the entire plight of our floundering civilisation can be traced to our myriad failures to apply even-handedly and without fear or favour the justice upon which all civilisation depends and in the absence of which no civilisation is possible.

In government and its agencies, international finance and the supra-governmental echelon of corporate oligarchy there are too many men above the law and exempt from justice and its procedures.

If we could correct that one flaw and bring ALL men without exemption under just laws enforced by the impartial application of fair justice procedures that targeted ONLY the violators of those just laws, we would turn our civilisation around and usher in a golden age.

It is quite salutory to think that while we have developed a technology that can cause immense harm in the wrong hands, we have not even managed to evolve a justice system that protects us from those wrong hands by placing them in manacles.