Here is this week's edition of my Citizens Forum show, with special guest Brian Leslie, Founder of Sustainable Economics. Brian is a veteran monetary reformer and a leading expert on the bankster money scam.

This week, I am very pleased to welcome Brian back on the show for another interesting discussion of the Great Scam of the Rothschild Banksters that underlies and underpins the effort to wreck the civilizations of our planet.

One cannot over-stress this datum: exposing and eradicating the bankster money fraud is the key to defeating tyranny.

If we do not break the banksters’ hold over the money of our planet we will not free ourselves of their pernicious influence.

The effort to enslave man and establish a global dictatorship traces back to the sly machinations of these mega-wealthy supreme oligarchs. Their dynasties have sought for generations to achieve control of the supply and distribution of that which energizes and facilitates all economic life: money itself.

He who controls the creation, distribution, granting or withholding of money controls governments and the fortunes of nations. He can make or break the best efforts of good men to build civilization and, according to his whim or design, sponsor tyrants and bring peoples into war.

The secret then to breaking the efforts of the one-world-tyranny cult is to break its money power.

In this episode we explain the basic mechanics of the fraud upon which the bankster Money Power depends. It is a deception breathtaking in its scope and audacity and almost admirable in its cleverness. Essentially simple, it is carefully and dedicatedly hidden behind a deliberately erected smoke screen of economic gobbledygook and complexity so that the world’s citizenry will be deterred from ever penetrating it.

For if they penetrate it and come to an understanding of how they are being played and deceived, the people will demand change – and know WHAT change to demand and why.

And when that happens this age of bankster wars, human misery and economic constraint will be over.
And the Golden Age will begin.

But first we MUST find a way to bring this vital knowledge to the people: to arm and empower them with understanding that will protect them from ever being used and manipulated again.

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