The Citizens Forum Radio Show: The Ashkenazi Legacy – Zionism and Chaos

With special Guest Ariyana Love, Director of The Liberty Beacon’s Middle East Rising project. This week I am very pleased to welcome Ariyana back onto the show for another lively and fascinating discussion. We take a look at the origins of Zionism, its Ashkenazi heritage and current role in the chaos of the Middle East that has driven tens of thousands of displaced people in upon the heart of Europe and precipitated the current refugee crisis.

From her first-hand knowledge of Middle Eastern people, Ariyana gives us insight into the wide cultural variations between Muslim people from different areas and the origins of division within Islam itself. In particular, we take a brief look at how Zionist-sponsored sects have spawned oppressive governments and – with the collusion of those governments AND criminal agencies within Western governments – terrorist groups. We also cover how both Islam and the West are targets . . . READ MORE HERE