Sooner or later, someone somewhere is going to have to set a good example

This video of what is left of the city of Homs in Syria might just explain why thousands of refugees are trying to find somewhere they will be safe, find food, shelter and not have their kids blown up.

Between them, the world's lunatics - whoever they may be - have brought death and destruction to Homs and other towns and villages across the Middle East. Whole countries have been reduced to anarchy and rubble. Just LOOK at what has been made of the homes of tens or hundreds of thousands of your fellow human beings.

If that was done to your town, would you stay and try to survive in the rubble without power, without fresh water and without food, waiting for ISIS or some other band of armed sadists who think they are still living in the Middle Ages to roll into or over what is left of your town?

Or would you leave, taking your children with you in the hope of finding safety, peace and a friendly welcome as far away from the scream of jets and bullets and dismembered neighbours as possible?

And if the neighbouring countries closed their borders to you and your fellow refugees, where would you go?

How desperate would you have to be to risk drowning in a small boat as you cross the ocean (you never even saw an ocean before) in the hope of a welcome rather than a bullet in the head from strangers in lands you have only heard about but never seen, whose customs and religions are strange and whose people are a mystery?

And if rumours circulated on the social networks and were then passed on by word of mouth that in Europe countries like Germany will provide a friendly welcome, shelter and the hope of a life with some dignity, where would you head for?

Having said all that, having understood why desperate, frightened
people would head for Europe, I also understand why the countries that people were herded towards (apparently quite deliberately because the tweets and social media posts that whispered of a welcome in Germany, originated in the US and UK) would find it hard to cope when thousands of displaced and desperate people turn up on their borders seeking succour.

It is totally understandable that the sudden arrival in an area of thousands of heavily traumatised strangers with nowhere else to go will bring stresses and turmoil to an area. And one can see how propagandists and the media with an agendum that requires conflict can easily amplify that natural turmoil until its shakes the world apart.

It is even more understandable when one considers that among the genuine refugees there will be criminals (all groups have those in about the same percentages) and agents provocateur for one side or vested interest or another, whose mission is to create more turmoil.

Every country has a right to accept or reject whomsoever it wishes when people seek to settle there. The kindness and compassion we have seen has been is admirable but the effort to accommodate and find useful employment for so many sudden arrivals places its own strains on the locals.

The best way we can help all refugees present and future is to solve the problems at source, by addressing HOW COME towns are reduced to the ruins you see in the video. We simply must unite and FORCE our governments to set up a fair system of international justice, with all governments bound by just laws and standards of conduct and all of them answerable for any violations of those laws.

How come our own governments have not done this; I mean REALLY DONE it?

The answer is simple: who would resist a law and the implementation thereof that proscribes and punishes murder and a system for bringing murderers to justice? Would you? Who would resist laws that proscribe embezzlement and the setting up of a system for detecting and punishing embezzlers? Would you? Only the murderer or embezzler respectively would be unenthusiastic about doing something about murderers or embezzlers.

So HOW COME, after all this time, our supposedly civilised and enlightened governments have not done this? How come instead they have actually contributed to the crime an an area?

One cannot, of course, blame, say, the USA or UK for all the violence of the Middle East. The people - particularly the political and religious leaders -have their responsibility for the ongoing bloodbath. People of the area were slaughtering one another before the USA even existed.

But HOW COME the US and UK and so forth are in the area contributing to the turmoil and assisting its amplification - even selling weapons of mass destruction so that the violence can result in the slaughter of even more people even more efficiently and on a far vaster scale?

How come we have joined in, contributed to, provoked, engineered and facilitated the slaughter that just goes on generation after generation?

How come we failed to arrive in the area as a civilised and civilising influence rather than merely one more group of bandits, plunderers or slavers?

How come we merely joined in the plunder and murder instead of setting a good example of honest commerce and trade, of equitable justice, enterprise and human teamwork?

Someone has to rise above all this and refuse all the invitations to behave like yet another bunch of degenerates.

Let that someone be us.

Watch the video here