Man the Solver: problem solved, everybody wins, even the elephants

Human beings solve survival problems. Team work, common sense, good will and the use of our God-given ability to reason prevail. We just need to do this sort of thing more often. God knows, we are perfectly capable of it.

The following featured article and video from the highly recommended and interesting Daily Liked explain this fascinating case in point.

African Farmers Are Setting Up Rows Of Beehives On Their Land, But Not Because They Want Honey

Growing crops in the remotest parts of Africa where elephants, herbivores by nature, roam freely across the land is almost impossible task. Only one family of elephants can destroy a year’s worth of crops which often results in deadly conflicts between humans and animals. But rather than building tall fences around their properties, these farmers found a unique way of protecting themselves and their harvest.

Not only does this method keep elephants at bay, it also provides extra source of income for these people. This is something all of us should learn from, how to work with the nature rather than working against it.