Langwidge tests for Immigrants

Personally, I think that a requirement that anyone wishing to settle in the UK should have a workable basic grasp of the language is a good idea. I speak as someone married to a French woman who speaks English and knows English spelling and grammar better than I do.

I think the idea of a good grasp of the native language should apply to native Brits too; the education system is turning out too many gradgewates wot haven't been learned to spell or use granma correctly. And there are too many incapable of much more than monosyllabic grunting or liberal use of the phrase "Sharia Law" in both the condemnatory and the advocatory sense (depending on whether they are one of them Muslamics or a patriotic supporter of lofty British Values such as giving brown people a hard time).

Levity aside, I do think it is a good idea and it should be a matter of principle that anyone wishing to become the citizen of another country should have the good manners and common sense to learn the language of that country. Doing so would help THEM as much as anyone in the business of getting along and indeed understanding what the heck is going on around one.

It is also a fact that propaganda efforts by one gang of loons or another, to be successful, usually rely on communities being out of communication with one another, or in varying degrees ignorant of one another. Propaganda takes those misunderstandings, those points of turbulence and amplifies them, so it would be a good idea to have people in thoroughly good communication with one another so as not to give the assholes too many points of turbulence they can amplify.

I think it is a good idea on the principle that it is applied equally, fairly and with good common sense to all regardless of race or religion and not used to single out one minority for some reason best known to corrupt vested interests or warmongers.

I also believe that it would also be a very good idea that anyone wishing to become a member of the UK community should swear an oath of allegiance to that community and undertake to abide by its laws and MORE IMPORTANTLY (as these are senior to laws) its mores, codes and customs.

Anyone who does not wish to uphold our mores, codes, customs and laws is under no compulsion to do so but of course he must go away and live somewhere else.

I think that is fair if it applies to everyone. In fact, come to think of it, there are more than a few Brits who could be reminded of their duty and persuaded to mend their ways concerning abiding by our moral codes and customs. Certain politicians, corporate oligarchs, banksters, media moguls, ruling Nobs and other criminals and their henchmen come to mind.

Naturally, while we are insisting that all immigrants have the decency to learn our language, we should apply the same good standards to Brits living abroad. There is an inordinately high number of ex-pats living, for example, in France or Spain who never learn a word of French or Spanish.