Is Britain a Constitutional Democracy – a can of worms with “Democracy” on the label?

Or a nest of vipers with "Welcome" on the door mat? Evidently the Conservatives are finding the need to debate new laws in the House and other not-strictly-necessary but quaint rituals such a voting on them a bit of an inconvenience to a modern go-getting constitutional democracy such as ours.

A constitutional democracy is a term I just invented: it is a bit like a constitutional monarchy where you have the trappings, rituals and outer form of a monarchy for the benefit of the tourists but in practice something else entirely is going on: in which the Monarch rubber-stamps decisions made by groups of men sitting in council in the Parliament. In similar vein we now appear to have arrived at a constitutional democracy; the trappings, outer form and rituals of a democracy, a big show for the benefit of the plebs but in practice behind the facade something else is going on entirely: the House rubber-stamps decisions made by groups of oligarchs sitting in council at a location withheld for security reasons. . . . READ MORE HERE