How and Why the German Refugee Crisis was Engineered

Psyops: how the weak wage war on the strong:

The refugee crisis in Germany makes a fascinating study in psy ops: the engineering of events to bring down or “hit” a recalcitrant government. Social media tweets and posts that encouraged people fleeing the carnage in the Middle East to head for Germany where they would be welcomed and looked after originated in the UK and US. The excellent featured article below, from Russia Insider, gives us more insight into how the social media are used to amplify turbulence, spread disinformation or simply create turmoil. It gives further insight too into how and why the German government was hit.

What is also emerging is that this escapade is a direct attack upon the German people, masterminded by the usual suspects in the UK and America. These people are not Germany’s friends and the German people of all persuasions and religions must decide quickly if they are willing to be subservient though a puppet government in Berlin to the oligarchs that have already taken over America. If they are not willing to bend their knee in servitude to foreign banksters, then they must refuse to be played by these arch manipulators and must fight back.

What we are seeing here is a mode of warfare that subverts and subjugates a target nation using covert means when more overt warfare cannot be undertaken . . . READ MORE HERE