Great Propaganda Tricks of Today: Communist Jewish Muslim Israeli Khazari Refugee Spits at Girl in Austria in Sweden

Made-up stories and emotive pictures cause hysteria among the brain-dead.

The current propaganda effort to demonise Muslims is getting clumsy and transparent, so much so that only brain-dead neanderthals still fall for it, fortunately. But just in case there is still anyone out there dim enough to be played by this nonsense, here is a current example of how dire (and stupid) it can get. As you know, there is currently a great deal of effort being expended by the Zionists to demonise Muslims and so bring about a conflict between “Westerners” and Muslims that will weaken or even destroy both communities. It is the tired old Divide and Conquer strategy that has been used by criminal would-be enmpire builders since the dawn of barbarism. Part of that campaign is to use the social networks such as Facebook to plant entirely made-up or distorted READ MORE HERE