Great propaganda tricks of today: fibbing

I get sick and tired of seeing propaganda trolls circulating misleading memes depicting women wearing the Niqab and Burkha and pretending it is "typically Muslim" attire. 

The purpose for so doing, of course, is that it makes the wearer look sinister and strange. Such things assist the general propaganda effort to estrange and alienate human communities from one another as part of the tired old "Divide and Rule" strategy. 

The irony in all this that makes me chuckle is that for some reason most of the world's security services have taken to wearing their own version of the Niqab, presumably because it makes them look sinister and threatening. Apparently nobody thinks this is disturbing or undesirable when practised by burly, armed, non-Muslim men.

Who else cover heir faces in this manner? Well, criminals and executioners spring to mind. My guess is the subconscious association with criminals and executioners stirs up a sense of foreboding or unease.

This is wonderful stuff for the malicious propagandist. He displays a custom of attire THAT IS NOT REQUIRED BY ISLAM but derives from an adoption of a local custom that pre-dates the arrival of Islam an area. It is moreover  ONLY PRACTISED BY A MINORITY OF MUSLIMS in any case. He pretends it is "everywhere" and "typical" in the Muslim world.

This basic lie is then forwarded by people who are either uniformed and too lazy to get informed or have a malicious intent of their own. The badly informed or not-quite-bright can then have a whale of a time banging on self righteously about how bad it all is.

Perhaps it is easier for us to confront the alleged customs of strangers than face up to and do something about the customs of the criminals in our midst who are destroying our culture. By these I mean the corrupt bankers and politicians, the pedophile rings in high places, the lying media, the effort to poison us with GMOs and Vaccines, pharmaceutical drug peddlers, horrible education that dumbs us down, pornographers and so forth.

A true patriot would concern himself with these issues and face up to the people who are actually destroying his country.

Anyway, here is some truth about the Niqab and other attire worn by Muslim women

Islamic Veiling Practices

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