Follow the Money: why the regime in Washington gets nasty when the petrodollar is threatened.

Reporting the highlights as criminal gangs fight for control of the 'hood
With India and Iran today announcing that they are ditching the petrodollar, things sure are getting interesting. This is a serious blow to the hegemony of the Zionist bankers operating through their proxies in Washington and London – the collaborationist governments of the US and UK having long since surrendered to a Zionist takeover. If other countries in the BRICS alliance and SCO follow suit, America’s economy – having lived so long on borrowed money and what is essentially the – albeit involuntary – charity of the developing world may well be dealt a devastating blow. And that will in turn starve her vast global military and clandestine operations of money. It may also starve the extremist regime in Israel of the – albeit involuntary – vast handouts it receives each year from the American tax payer. We sure do live in fascinating times as we pass through an epoch that will be remembered in the history books as a pivotal one when the world’s fortunes ceased their long agonised decline and began the arduous but ultimately worthwhile climb back towards the light. . . . READ MORE HERE