Did Nazi brainwashers and psychological warfare experts teach the CIA much of what it knows?

Certain Western agencies have been subverted and are engaged in a highly sophisticated psychological warfare assault on the minds of the people of the West. Their aim is the DESTRUCTION of Western culture. One of the strategies in that game of destruction is to create an external "threat" upon which our attention can be fixated whilst our economies, political ideology, morality, internal unity, sense of identity and confidence and so forth can continue to be attacked from within.

But how did they get so good at what they do? Well, the Nazis helped. After the Second World War, their psychiatrists contributed their knowledge of brainwashing to the already con
siderable know-how on psychological warfare gained by the Tavistiock Institute in London.
These notes from Psychwatch explain it well:  
Operation Paperclip was the codename under which the US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II. The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip. The majority of the scientists, numbering almost 500, were deployed at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, Fort Bliss, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama to work on guided missile and ballistic missile technology. 

This in turn led to the foundation of NASA and the US ICBM program. 

Much of the information surrounding Operation Paperclip is still classified. 

Not all of the scientists were involved in hard science. Some were involved in the Nazi equivalent of Psychological Warfare, and supply useful assistance to the CIA in the subject of Brainwashing during the Cold War, and later. It is quite believable that these ex-Nazi psychiatrists were a major factor contributing to the rise and expansion of human rights abuse routinely seen in modern psychiatry since WWII.