Have we got company? This planet could do with some fresh faces

Personally I don't agree with the theory that the Moon landing was faked. Apart from anything else if it had been faked the Russian would have exposed it by now. In fact, as the following featured article from the always interesting Collective Evolution points out, the Russian are specifically NOT disputing the reality of the Moon landings. . . 

Man the Solver: Turning Air into Drinking water

Man the Solver. More cool ingenuity

MAN THE SOLVER: I have decided to make a regular feature of some wonderful examples of human ingenuity. While there is a fair bit on this planet to sort out, it is not all bad. Human beings are capable of some pretty cool stuff. Motre than a lot of people realise

Sooner or later, someone somewhere is going to have to set a good example

This video of what is left of the city of Homs in Syria might just explain why thousands of refugees are trying to find somewhere they will be safe, find food, shelter and not have their kids blown up.

Between them, the world's lunatics - whoever they may be - have brought death and destruction to Homs and other towns and villages across the Middle East. Whole countries have been reduced to anarchy and rubble. Just LOOK at what has been made of the homes of tens or hundreds of thousands of your fellow human beings.

Shaping 21st Century Terror; the role of psychiatrists in the subversion of islam

By now it should be obvious that the terror groups that are operating at this time are largely joint creations by Saudi Wahhabi extremists and Western intelligence agencies that are themselves operating treasonously to the countries that fund their operations with taxpayer dollars. 
The "Muslim" extremists are funded, armed AND DRUGGED by Western sponsors. The drugging comes courtesy of the psychiatrists who have brought their mind-altering pills and human programming methods to Islam's lunatic fringes.

Foreign Minister Margot Wallström gets "the treatment" from Sweden's Zionist Fifth Column

(Fifth Column, definition: a group of people who act traitorously and subversively out of a secret sympathy with an enemy of their country)

The |Swedish Foreign Minister made a perfectly reasonable request: that alleged crimes by Israel against the Palestinians be investigated.

If Israel had been innocent of all charges, then an investigation, fairly done, would have cleared her name and silenced her critics. And she would have welcomed it.

Who us killing successful American "alternative" practitioners" and why?

An extraordinary number of doctors in the "alternative" medicine field in the US are being found murdered.

That these are murders is not in doubt and the number of doctors meeting such a fate is not in doubt. What is missing in an explanation for the phenomenon.

This phenomenon is pretty unique to the US. It does not happen for example in England or France. the only other place where doctors are deliberately killed in any number would be, one imagines, a war zone.

Who us killing successful and highly reputable American "alternative" practitioners and why?

Man the Solver: problem solved, everybody wins, even the elephants

Human beings solve survival problems. Team work, common sense, good will and the use of our God-given ability to reason prevail. We just need to do this sort of thing more often. God knows, we are perfectly capable of it.

The following featured article and video from the highly recommended and interesting Daily Liked explain this fascinating case in point.

Movement to Boycott Israel over Atrocities in Occupied Palestine Gathers Momentum

The global movement to force upon the vicious criminal faction running Israel to behave like decent human beings is gathering momentum. 

This latest move in support of good standards of conduct comes from Italy. . .

MSM anti-Russian propaganda backfires as public reject major news sites

This news from Germany is fascinating. It highlights several things.

The fi
rst is that the MSM does not set public opinion anywhere near as much as it likes to think it does. 

In fact there is a widening rift between the public and the MSM as more and more people work on the principle that "if it is in the MSM, it isn't true", which is actually a sensible rule of thumb to adopt where all MSM "information" is concerned.

The public know they are being lied to systematically, cynically and on a masive scale. They know they have been betrayed by the media and of course the corrupt estblishment for which the media speaks.

David Bellamy was right even when "everyone knew" he was wrong.

Remember David Bellamy?

He is a man who deserves a mention.

His career was ruined when he had the courage to take a stand against the prevailing Global Warming orthodoxy (and the vested interests behind it) of the time.
Since then he has been proven right. The Global Warming hoax and the money-making scam behind it have been exposed.

Lest we forget: what really happened in Ukraine?

Just in case anyone has forgotten here is a reminder of what actually happened in Ukraine.

The following featured article is from Before It's News and was published in 2014 shortly after Washington had engineered the coup in Ukraine that brought down the elected government and installed a puppet neo Nazi anti-Russian government in that country.

Pot calls kettle black shock!

Washington and London are currently making themselves a laughing stock with their clumsy and downright puerile propaganda campaign to discredit Vladimir Putin.

This is an effort to find an excuse, no matter how flimsy, to start a war that will wreck Europe at best and wipe out all life on the planet if it gets really out of hand.

If they are going to have the war this gang of loons so desperately craves, they are going to have to convince the people of America and Europe to back it.

To do that they have to convince the people of America and Europe that Putin constitutes a big enough threat to warrant your acceptance of starvation, economic collapse, radioactive fallout, chemical and biological contamination and a general return to the Stone Age if not earlier.

The "Zion Gang" Hijack America then smash and grab the Middle East. Perpetrators still at large

The Middle East Rogues' Gallery
The following featured article throws more light on a vital aspect of the chaos in the middle east: the greed-motivation of not so much key players as key puppeteers behind the key players. 

One begins to understand why the goal of the foreign policy of various hijacked governments such as the US is to keep key areas of the Middle East in chaos and prevent the rule of law from going in.

Please note that the gang named in this article, Cheney, Rothschild, Murdoch, James Woolsey and Effie Eitam are all Zionists.

The war on terror - can we handle the truth?

"None of this is any novelty for those among us who since Afghanistan in the 1980s have been following the extraordinarily murky adventures of Wahhabi (Saudi) - sponsored/derived jihadism."

I have been saying for a while now that the US govenrment - among others - has been infiltrated by proxies for and collaborators with the Zionist/bankster crime syndicate of warmongers and merchants of chaos. That sociopathic crew have all but laid waste to America, mis-using and abusing her resources and people to destruction as they wreck and pillage the planet.

Why is the US government so eager to kill its citizens?

The recent shooting of an American Citizen LaVoy Finicum in the US by the FBI highlights a very American problem: the apparent eagerness of its federal agents and police forces to kill American citizens.

This is not some slight or marginal phenomenon. The sheer scale of the killing, the rate at which Americans are gunned down by their own police beggars belief, as does the apparent willingness of American citizens to put up with it.

Drug Free Kids: Pearls for Pennies

Click the meme or the  icon below this article to listen to the show

Episode #23: Pearls for Pennies

Presented by Steve Cook. I am pleased to welcome for another show the former martial arts champion Pete Dwan, whose 11-year Drug Free Kids campaign is revolutionizing drug education and opening up a way forward to a drug free future.

Today Pete gives us another report on the progress of his Drug Free Kids campaign.
We go over how this campaign is designed to help children help themselves and help teachers and parents help the children.


Here is this week's edition of my Citizens Forum show, with special guest Brian Leslie, Founder of Sustainable Economics. Brian is a veteran monetary reformer and a leading expert on the bankster money scam.

This week, I am very pleased to welcome Brian back on the show for another interesting discussion of the Great Scam of the Rothschild Banksters that underlies and underpins the effort to wreck the civilizations of our planet.

Just as a dog has fleas,the Muslims have their extremists as we in the West have ours. But are we being tormented by the same flea?

The influence of Western-based agencies in fostering "Islamic" terrorism through operations such as the famous and infamous Gladio is well documented.

The corrupting influence of Western extremists upon some so-called Muslim groups has another dark and degenerate aspect: the infiltration of the atheistic and completely godless psychiatrists with their brain-damaging drugs.

Paris attackers and psychiatric drugs: Isis gunmen off their heads on amphetamine similar to ADHD drug?

It is now becoming obvious that there is a heavy and insidious influence by the mind-control, mass-drugging cult of psychiatry at work in the phenomenon known as terrorism. The following article is from the International Business Times gives a good account of the influence of the psychiatric amphetamine Captagon (a drug similar to many ADHD drugs) upon the gunmen who carried out the Paris attacks

It is known from what has emerged about operation Gladio that many, if not all, terrorist groups are front groups or proxy groups for Western agencies that have themselves been infiltrated and suborned by criminal groups intent on bringing down the West in a Tsunami of chaos. The truth is out there!

Did Nazi brainwashers and psychological warfare experts teach the CIA much of what it knows?

Certain Western agencies have been subverted and are engaged in a highly sophisticated psychological warfare assault on the minds of the people of the West. Their aim is the DESTRUCTION of Western culture. One of the strategies in that game of destruction is to create an external "threat" upon which our attention can be fixated whilst our economies, political ideology, morality, internal unity, sense of identity and confidence and so forth can continue to be attacked from within.

But how did they get so good at what they do? Well, the Nazis helped. After the Second World War, their psychiatrists contributed their knowledge of brainwashing to the already con
siderable know-how on psychological warfare gained by the Tavistiock Institute in London.

Great Propaganda Tricks of Today: a picture paints a thousand lies

This pic shows a disgraceful and cowardly attack on a Christian woman in Germany. The man was offended by her immodest attire and was heard to say as he launched the unprovoked assault: "When Sharia Law comes to Sweden you will be forced to wear the Niqab you Western slut!"

This pic shows a disgraceful and cowardly attack on an Immigrant mother-of-three Germany. The man was offended by her wearing of the traditional Hijab headscarf which is commonly known to be worn by all terrorists. Just before he launched the attack he was heard to say: "I am doing this to uphold all Western moral values!"

If you have to lie...

If you have to lie or exaggerate about a person or group in order to discredit them, if telling the truth about them is not sufficient to discredit them, then the chances are that person or group are basically okay.

Langwidge tests for Immigrants

Personally, I think that a requirement that anyone wishing to settle in the UK should have a workable basic grasp of the language is a good idea. I speak as someone married to a French woman who speaks English and knows English spelling and grammar better than I do.

Valid Purpose for Government Found!

It was an amusing little piece of irony that the government's website managed to spell the word language incorrectly in a post announcing the new language test for immigrants. Okay so it was a simple typo (at least I bloody hope it was) but it does allow us to have another chortle at HMG's expense. HMG does not after all, as a rule, give us a lot to smile about. Come to think of it though, perhaps we have found a valid purpose for government after all; it provides us all us with something we can feel superior to.

Palestine Post; Briefing Jan. 24th, 2016

I am pleased to bring you this update by my good friend Ariyana Love. Ariyana is a frequent guest on my Citizens Forum Radio Show. She is a journalist and human rights warrior with special interest in the plight of Zionist-occupied Palestine.Israeli war crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)

Great propaganda tricks of today: fibbing

I get sick and tired of seeing propaganda trolls circulating misleading memes depicting women wearing the Niqab and Burkha and pretending it is "typically Muslim" attire. 

The purpose for so doing, of course, is that it makes the wearer look sinister and strange. Such things assist the general propaganda effort to estrange and alienate human communities from one another as part of the tired old "Divide and Rule" strategy. 

The irony in all this that makes me chuckle is that for some reason most of the world's security services have taken to wearing their own version of the Niqab, presumably because it makes them look sinister and threatening. Apparently nobody thinks this is disturbing or undesirable when practised by burly, armed, non-Muslim men.

Alexander Litvinenko's death, Polonium smuggling, a Russian Crime Boss.and Israel - what new skulduggery is HMG covering up this time?

"Russian Oligarch Boris Berezovsky’s employee Alexander Litvinenko likely died from over exposure to Polonium in a botched smuggling operation. That is why traces of it were at Berezovsky’s house and on the planes Litvinenko was riding to and from Israel" ANC Report

I am beginning to wonder if there is any limit to the depths of skulduggery and dishonesty to which her Majesty's government will not sink as it slides ever deeper into the mire of crime, deceit and cover-up. Aiding and abetting Russian crime bosses is a new low.

The Great Banking Scam: Here's How it Works

World Banking Explained in less Than two Minutes

This video is pretty good. But it leaves out an important fundamental that underlies banking's power; how come banks have a licence to print money? For a simple explanation of that and what it means, click the "read more" link after the video

The Trouble with Steroids: a Fitness Instructor's Warning

Sinead Laws is a professional fitness instructor. Here is her take on a problem widespread in the fitness industry: the abuse of streroids.

"Working in the fitness industry had opened my eyes to a big problem: body dismorphia in men and increasing steroid use among gym users and amateur and professional body builders. I also see the effects on people's behaviour and psychological health from steroids and see the physical changes they create and see the health implications developing. Don't take advice from your mate Pete down the gym, please the dangers are very real and severe. This is quite a good article on steroids:

Great Propaganda Tricks of Today: Beware! Red Herrings!

A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue, leading to a a false conclusion. The origin of the term is possibly in the idea of a "dried, smoked and salted" herring being "drawn across a fox's path to destroy the scent and distract the hounds.

I concur completely with the content of this excellent and informative article. While Russia doubtless does not wear a halo, the clumsy and transparent effort to demonise that country appears to rest upon accusing it of doing everything the West's own criminal elite has been doing for some considerable time.

Time to bale: Bad news for Monsanto, great news for humanity

This snippet of good news cones from GMO Free USA on Facebook [please be sure to pay them a visit for more great posts] and I am very pleased to share it here. If I were a shareholder in Monsanto I think I would have baled already. The effort to kill large numbers of the human race is being exposed for

Argentina Protests Monsanto Toxicity and GMO Plant

Activists mobilized across the country to stand in solidarity with communities affected by Monsanto and reject the eviction of a Monsanto protest camp.
Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Argentina to protest Monsanto following news of an impending eviction at a key resistance camp blocking a huge Monsanto GMO seed plant in the agricultural province of Cordoba.

Protests in Buenos Aires and other major cities on Friday slammed Monsanto over the dangers of widespread use of toxic agrochemicals on large-scale export crops like GMO soy and corn that cover large swathes of agricultural areas, shouting slogans like “Monsanto, get out!”

This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address: 
 "http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Argentina-Protests-Monsanto-Toxicity-and-GMO-Plant-20160109-0009.html". If you intend to use it, please cite the source and provide a link to the original article. www.teleSURtv.net/englishnd lowered taxes on soybeans, eliminating a key funding source of social programs and infrastructure governments under his Kirchnerist predecessors.
This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address: 
 "http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Argentina-Protests-Monsanto-Toxicity-and-GMO-Plant-20160109-0009.html". If you intend to use it, please cite the source and provide a link to the original article. www.teleSURtv.net/englishActivists mobilized across the country to stand in solidarity with
communities affected by Monsanto and reject the eviction of a Monsanto protest

Resistance to the Monsanto effort to poison the human race (well, the plebs anyway)is becoming a truly global phenomenon that is destined to just keep on growing. As more and more evidence emerges of the true extent to which Monsanto is engaged upon an attack on the

Have enemy saboteurs infiltrated the vaccine industry?

The issue of vaccines exemplifies a major problem that Western civilisation - if not all of humanity - must now face up to and resolve. The problem, simply put, is that we are under attack. We are the subject of an enemy operation designed to destroy our civilisation. 
The attack does not require military might but instead uses a strategy of infiltration and subversion to devastating effect. It is a strategy by which the weak can bring down the strong or conquest be achieved when military means are not feasible.
That attack includes degradation of the mental and physical health of the people of the target civilisation so as to destroy its vitality. Just one strand  of that effort is the programme of sabotage by which collaborators with or proxies or agents for the enemy power manage to get the target culture to accept 

The psycho-puppets panic as the economic you-know-what hits the fan

The need for monetary change was never greater than it is right now. 

This featured article from our friends at Your News Wire, if true, goes a long way towards explaining why Western propagandists have been engaged in a feverish but ultimately unsuccessful campaign to demonise Vladimir and rush us all into doing something we are very sure to regret: go to war with Russia.

Nobody except perhaps some neo-Nazis in Ukraine, ISIS and, of course the Gang of Loons running Washington has much of a beef with Russia: few of us are in a hurry to sacrifice our children and indeed the future of the planet to having a fight with people with whom we have no real quarrel except the fake ones propagandised in the Zionist MSM and the internet. Washington’s psychopuppets however are in a very suspicious tearing hurry to get us embroiled in a war before the coming economic you-know-what hits the fan.

Russia’s efforts to protect her economy and her people from the bankster crime syndicates and their proxies that . . . READ MORE HERE

The Palestine Post: keeping you briefed on the occupation

We will now regularly feature posts from the newly launched Palestine Post on the website of our friends at Middle East Rising. The aim is to bring you regular updates on the brutal and illegal Zionist occupation of Palestine. We will continue to expose Zionist oppression and violation of human rights until the theft of land and property ceases and the rule of law, justice and human rights applies equally to all human beings in the land of Palestine. Here is the first update . . . READ MORE HERE

Glyphosate: a key weapon in the attack on our health

The Real Reason Wheat Is Toxic – It’s Not The Gluten You really need this info. The wanton use of the deadly chemnical glyphosate is a key strand of the attack on our culture through the devastation of the health of its members. editor

How and Why the German Refugee Crisis was Engineered

Psyops: how the weak wage war on the strong:

The refugee crisis in Germany makes a fascinating study in psy ops: the engineering of events to bring down or “hit” a recalcitrant government. Social media tweets and posts that encouraged people fleeing the carnage in the Middle East to head for Germany where they would be welcomed and looked after originated in the UK and US. The excellent featured article below, from Russia Insider, gives us more insight into how the social media are used to amplify turbulence, spread disinformation or simply create turmoil. It gives further insight too into how and why the German government was hit.

What is also emerging is that this escapade is a direct attack upon the German people, masterminded by the usual suspects in the UK and America. These people are not Germany’s friends and the German people of all persuasions and religions must decide quickly if they are willing to be subservient though a puppet government in Berlin to the oligarchs that have already taken over America. If they are not willing to bend their knee in servitude to foreign banksters, then they must refuse to be played by these arch manipulators and must fight back.

What we are seeing here is a mode of warfare that subverts and subjugates a target nation using covert means when more overt warfare cannot be undertaken . . . READ MORE HERE

GMOs, Vaccines, Drugs are used by governments to subjugate their citizens warns Putin


Fascinating stuff. We have to be wary of getting too carried away as the propaganda flies back and forth but if this report on Russia is accurate, as we all sincerely hope it is, the Russians have themselves a considerably capable government. It is a government setting a good example for Westerners to take note of and learn from.

Putin's observations about the use of debilitating diets and medications being a DELIBERATE ATTACK upon a culture designed to cripple and destroy it (not subdue, not "take over", DESTROY) it are . . . READ MORE HERE

The Citizens Forum Radio Show: The Ashkenazi Legacy – Zionism and Chaos

With special Guest Ariyana Love, Director of The Liberty Beacon’s Middle East Rising project. This week I am very pleased to welcome Ariyana back onto the show for another lively and fascinating discussion. We take a look at the origins of Zionism, its Ashkenazi heritage and current role in the chaos of the Middle East that has driven tens of thousands of displaced people in upon the heart of Europe and precipitated the current refugee crisis.

From her first-hand knowledge of Middle Eastern people, Ariyana gives us insight into the wide cultural variations between Muslim people from different areas and the origins of division within Islam itself. In particular, we take a brief look at how Zionist-sponsored sects have spawned oppressive governments and – with the collusion of those governments AND criminal agencies within Western governments – terrorist groups. We also cover how both Islam and the West are targets . . . READ MORE HERE

How to Get Your Country out of Trouble

The Western economic system may be on the verge of collapse. This is fairly inevitable as the system has some serious faults built into it and is inherently unsustainable in the long term BUT its demise does not HAVE to be anywhere as dire or catastrophic as it sounds. In fact, it is entirely within our power to deal with it successfully – and turn such the event to our advantage and to the advantage of future generations. It is relatively simple to do and in . . . READ MORE HERE

Drug Free Kids: Fighting Back

I am pleased to welcome for another show the former martial arts champion Pete Dwan, whose 11-year Drug Free Kids campaign is revolutionizing drug education and opening up a way forward to a drug free future.Today Pete gives us another report on the progress of his Drug Free Kids campaign.We go over the fact that the drugs epidemic is not something accidental that “just happened” but is part of an attack on Western culture and is a deliberate effort to debilitate it and weaken it through drugs.This is an attack that so often sees our young people targeted because they are the adults of tomorrow. Western civilisation is not the only culture targeted for this attack but . . . READ MORE AND LISTEN IN HERE

Is Britain a Constitutional Democracy – a can of worms with “Democracy” on the label?

Or a nest of vipers with "Welcome" on the door mat? Evidently the Conservatives are finding the need to debate new laws in the House and other not-strictly-necessary but quaint rituals such a voting on them a bit of an inconvenience to a modern go-getting constitutional democracy such as ours.

A constitutional democracy is a term I just invented: it is a bit like a constitutional monarchy where you have the trappings, rituals and outer form of a monarchy for the benefit of the tourists but in practice something else entirely is going on: in which the Monarch rubber-stamps decisions made by groups of men sitting in council in the Parliament. In similar vein we now appear to have arrived at a constitutional democracy; the trappings, outer form and rituals of a democracy, a big show for the benefit of the plebs but in practice behind the facade something else is going on entirely: the House rubber-stamps decisions made by groups of oligarchs sitting in council at a location withheld for security reasons. . . . READ MORE HERE

Flu vaccines harming the elderly?

Scientists Discover Adjuvants in Flu Vaccinations Cause a Rise in Adverse Reactions Among Elderly. A couple of weeks ago I interviewed the research journalist Christina England on my show, The Citizens Forum. I am very pleased to feature here a very informative article by Christina: "Have you ever wondered why so many people, in particular those over the age of 65, react adversely to the flu vaccination? How many times have you heard that, after receiving the flu vaccine, a friend or loved one has developed flu-like symptoms? At last, after many years of speculation, scientists in London believe they have the answer to our questions. A group of scientists led by Olga Sobolev from Kings College London believe that . . . " READ MORE HERE

Vaccines and Autism and the effort to silence the people trying to warn you

The article featured here nicely explains the effort to shut up voices raised in warning about vaccines. That campaign involves the propaganda technique known as “astroturfing” -which is also nicely explained here – and overall is remarkably similar to the campaign that was once carried out to silence concerns about tobacco. The reason people in the alternative media have to get active and the reason people like me spend hours upon hours for no pay banging .. . . READ MORE HERE

The House of Saud and Mischief in the Middle East

Saudis, Zionists and the arch-puppeteers I hope this featured article from Your News Wire will help fill in some of the background regarding Saudi Arabia and its fostering and export of Wahhabi extremism (which many Muslims seem to regard as a heresy) and help bring to focus the major players in the confusion of the Middle East. I concur with most of the writer’s observations and would only add that many, if not all, of the major players are effectively suborned by and dance on the strings of the bankster oligarchs. For an understanding of how what I refer to -for want of a better term – as the “bankster oligachs” came to pretty much run the show in the West and the Middle East, please . . . READ MORE HERE

The Nation Wrecker: Hungarian PM denounces arch criminal

In terms of his warnings about George Soros, the Hungarian Prime Minister and the featured article below, which comes from WND are spot on. Soros plays a key role in the effort of a small band of elite criminals to infest, weaken and subvert Western nation states AND the religion of Islam. The current caper is to drive down upon Europe large numbers of refugees displaced by the carnage in Middle Eastern countries. Their sudden arrival on the borders of countries ill-equipped to cope – amid the fanning of the flames of hysteria by a suborned MSM charged with the task of amplifying social turbulence – is designed to beset The West with chaos and conflict. What is needed right now is . . . READ MORE HERE

Bombing for the sake of bombing. Win-win for the corporate criminals, lose-lose for everybody else.

The following dramatic expose is from our friends at Press TV. It brings to light more of the money-making scam in which the criminals dictating US war policy contrive excuses to keep right on bombing foreign countries for no other purpose than to keep American tax payers’ money flowing into the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex and its shareholders and investors. We saw it in Syria where America war planes spent much of the time – and a great deal of money – bombing empty desert whilst Washington pretended that it was bombing ISIS.. . . READ MORE HERE

BBC impartiality on the slide? Is the BBC slanting like the deck of the Titanic?

The featured article below comes from the excellent blog of writer and journalist Nic Outterside. The video is of an RT report on the BBC taking inappropriate funding from the EU. The tip of the iceberg?

We’ll see. The reports give us some insight into the possible subversion of the BBC by vested interests and its declining credibility as an accurate, unbiased news source discharging its duty to keep the British citizen reliably informed. Its pro-Israel bias and its evident willingness to toe our warmongering government’s line when reporting on international affairs are a worry, as is its evident hostility to the new leader of the Opposition. An impartial review is urgently needed READ MORE HERE

Divide and Rule: Media Pours Gasoline on the Fires of Hysteria

Alleged Incidents of Sexual Harassment in Cologne: German Media incites Racist Hysteria against Immigrants and Muslims Using the pretext of alleged incidents of sexual harassment in Köln (Cologne), the German media has launched a hysterical, racist campaign against millions of immigrants and Muslims. On New Year’s Eve, thousands of people gathered in Köln and in other major cities throughout Germany to celebrate the holiday. The next day, police issued a press release stating that there was a “festive mood” at the celebrations and that the atmosphere that evening was “overall peaceful.” However, one day later, a second statement was issued that referred for the first time to alleged attacks on women. . . READ MORE HERE

Parasitic infestation and the slow death of civilisation

There is a highly evolved Black Science at works: the matter of how to destroy or manipulate groups and populations (never uplift or improve: always weaken, subvert or destroy) has been thoroughly researched and developed at places like The Tavistock, the British psychological warfare institute in London. It is the science of conquest using infiltration and subversion in place of military confrontation. It has enabled a relatively small group of criminals to infest and feed parasitically upon Western civilisation and, having suborned it, to use its resources for the conquest of the rest of the planet. For the best analogy I can think of, recall those sci fi movies where an alien parasite takes over the brain of its victim and then uses him for its own ends. . . . READ MORE HERE