Breaking News: Armed French Police Surround Man with Beard

by Steve Cook 

French police today arrested a man after he terrorised a beach in a suspected Muslim outrage. Read the full story here

Government to Borrow Money to Get out of Debt

by Steve Cook

Ministers today reassured the nation that the government's plans for getting the economy back on track after it got derailed in 1796, "cannot fail" and "nothing could possibly go wrong".

How to Get Your Country out of Trouble

The Western economic system may be on the verge of collapse. This is fairly inevitable as the system has some serious faults built into it and is inherently unsustainable in the long term BUT its demise does not HAVE to be anywhere as dire or catastrophic as it sounds. In fact, it is entirely within our power to deal with it successfully – and turn such the event to our advantage and to the advantage of future generations. It is relatively simple to do and in . . . READ MORE HERE