Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Ong Yi Ting (Singapore)

Ong Yi Ting, 10, began playing the piccolo at age 6 and the flute at age 7. She won First Prize at The 11th International Russian Rotary Children's Music Competition, which was held in Russia in 2013.

Create a Nice Day - with Judy Bachar

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is Judy Bachar from Israel, who delivers her rich repertoire with passion, professionalism and artistry in six languages. Visit her DoubleDare Artist's page now for more 

Poetry for Peace. Day Nine. Poem Nine.

Had half an hour to write this in a busy day with no idea what I was going to write about until I sat down and thought about my afternoon. The challenge of having to come up with something come what may is quite invigorating. Hope you like today's effort!

Poetry for Peace. Day Eight. Poem Eight. Finding Heaven

I'm writing one poem a day for a year. Why? Best answer I can give is, why not? Beats the hell out of doing drugs or killing people. Let's face it, if everybody was doing it there would be no war. No-one would have the time. They'd all be too preoccupied trying to find rhymes for "AK47" or "Cruise Missile" or some such thing. Poetry is the antidote to war.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Marina Bychkova

Canadian-Russian artist, Marina Bychkova started making her unique enchanted - and enchanting - dolls at six years old. Twenty five years later, her dolls sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Create a Nice Day - with Rebecca Danese

Today's featured DoubleDare artist is Rebecca Danese, writer, photographer, illustrator and fine artist. Please check out her DoubleDare Artist's page now!

Primary Reason to Smile. Poetry for Peace - Day Seven, Poem Seven

Day Seven, 23rd April 2018. It's now 9:10 pm and nearly my ruddy bed time. One full week of daily poems done and only fifty one more weeks to go (oh dear God!).

Assad and Chemical Weapons - the Truth! (And We're not Even Lying This Time)

Read the full shocking expose exclusively in today's Daily Scare

Create a Nice Day - with Ronikular Guavu

Today's featured DoubleDare artist is Ronikular Guavu from Uganda. To hear his music, please visit his DoubleDare artist's page

HAIKU - Poetry for Peace. Day 6. Poem 6 (and 6A . . . and B))

It's ruddy hard thinking up a freakin' poem every day for a year. It's only Day 6 and I'm already feeling the pressure.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Joyous String Ensemble

The Joyous String Ensemble started out as the Joyous String Quartet, added a fifth member and became an Ensemble. They are truly sensational. Enjoy!

A Haiku. Poetry for Peace. Day Five. Poem Five.

The Poetry for Peace challenge is I have to write and publish a new poem each day for a year: any subject, any style, any length. I'm not finding it easy. Today, day five, I thought I'd write a Haiku

The dead universe
Bare phenomena roll on
But you make it live

Create a Nice Day - with Brian Moore


Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is Brian Moore from New Zealand. Find his joyfully created watercolours, pen-and-inks, oils, acrylics and bronze on his DoubleDare Artist's page.

Create a Nice Day - with Ja'son Manwill

Today's featured artist is Ja'son Manwill.
Jason is a musician (piano, guitar, drums, bass and cello), songwriter, composer and singer with a strong purpose to convey, through his music, a positive message for all generations. Please visit his Doubledare Artist's page now for more.

Prison break by Steve Cook! (Poetry for Peace. Day 4. Poem 4)

Day four of the poetry challenge in which I have to write a poem a day for a year.

Poetry for Peace. Day 3, Poem 3 19/4/18

Today shaping up the way it is and knowing I will be tied up this evening (not literally, obviously) I had an hour to think up and write today's poem. No pressure then. Anyway, here it is!

Create a Nice Day - with The Lonely Eye

Today's featured artist is RJ Ellory, Better known as a best-selling novelist, he nevertheless includes photography in his long list of talents. Visit is "Lonely Yet All-Seeing Eye" DoubleDare page now and you'll see what I mean.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Alma Deutscher (England)

Alma Deutscher (born February 2005) is an English composer, pianist and violinist. 

At just six years old she composed her first piano sonata. When she was just seven she wrote the opera The Sweeper of Dreams, her first major composition

Poetry for Peace. Today's poem 18/4/18

Here is today's Poem

They Feed on Conflict

Create a Nice Day - with NeXgen Dance Academy

Create a nice day today with the NeXgen Dance Academy run by Sophia Elias. This wonderful project. is designed to both teach and inspire youngsters with the art of street dance . Please pay its DoubleDare Artist page a visit now for much more

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Grace Kelly

American musician/Saxophonist/singer/songwriter, Grace Kelly, recorded her first album at 12 years old.

She is now 24 and winner of 2016 64th Annual Downbeat Critics Poll, “Rising Star Alto Saxophone”, five-time winner of ASCAP Composers Award, and has headlined more than 700 shows in over 30 countries.

Poetry for Peace (make verse, not war)

The Challenge

I will write a poem a day for the next year or die in the attempt (probably), if only from embarrassment.

Create a Nice Day - with Madhuri Hoogstraat

Create a Nice Day with Madhuri Hoogstraat's Poetry for the World's Humanitarians

Create a Nice Day - with Serena Salvatore

Today I proudly present the magical and unique work of Italian artist Serena Salvatore. Please visit her DoubleDare Artist's page to see more examples of her work

New Justice System that fast-tracks a Guilty Verdict makes everything Lovely


The government today announced forthcoming sweeping changes to the British Justice System. 

The changes are designed to eliminate slows occasioned by the current need for unnecessary inconveniences such as so-called “proof” or “evidence” and will enable HMG to fast-track a guilty verdict without anyone having to think too much, which as you know can be quite tiring.

Gifted Planet. Earth's got Talent. Alyssa Suede (USA)

Alyssa Suede is from a family of musicians and has been singing and performing since she was three years old. Add "champion figure skater" and "actress" to her broad range of talents and you have a "must" for inclusion in the DoubleDare "Earth's got Talent" feature.

Create a Nice day - with Judit Iványosi Szabó

Today's featured artist is Judit Iványosi Szabó. Judit's from Hungary. Her creativity embraces not just spectacularly fine paintings but also very skillful cane weaving so on her DoubleDare Artist's page I have included for your enjoyment some examples of her mastery of both arts. Enjoy!

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Li Hongbo (China)

Here is a wonderful, innovative art from that stretches the limits of imagination. Li Hongbo makes stretchable sculptures out of paper. Enjoy!!

Create a Nice Day - with Arianna Tremayne

Arianna Tremayne is an artist and craftswoman based in Sussex, England. She produces the finest and most beautiful hand knitted accessories to be found anywhere in the world. Please pay her DoubleDare Artist's page a visit and see for yourself.

DoubleDare Newsflash 12th April 2018

DoubleDare Artist, Lucille Femine’s novel, “The Dark Lane” has finally been edited — thanks to Sistership Publishing —  and she has republished it. Here it is on Kindle. .…/…/ref=sr_1_7…

Lucille’s DoubleDare Artist’s page is at

Create a Nice Day - with Ros Reece

Today's featured DoubleDare artist is Ros Reece. It is also Ros' birthday today. So please visit her page and make it a very very nice day!

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Mahiro Takano.

When Australian singer-songwriter Sia’s excellent music video “Alive” (featured here) was released in 2015, the show was somewhat stolen by the little 9-year-old who starred in it – the martial artist Mahiro Takano.

Create a Nice Day - with Capulet

Kristian Shortt, aka Capulet, is a Hip Hop Artist from Donegal, Ireland. 

Create a Nice Day - with Iam Nkurunziza Marley

Today's featured artist is Iam Nkurunziza Marley, a young painter from Uganda with a very tough past and a very bright future. Please visit his DoubleDare Artist's page and enjoy some of his superb work

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. The Jive Aces

The Jive Aces (UK)

I could not help but include the Jive Aces in Gifted Planet because I have been a fan for many years. 

They are a six-piece UK-based, high energy, jive and swing band, who are tremendous fun. They formed in 1989 and were the winners of the BBC TV talent show, Opportunity Knocks, and in 2012 were the semi-finalists in Britain's Got Talent.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Estas Tonne

Estas Tonne (Ukraine)

Estas is a "modern day troubadour" who plays the classical guitar (he also plays the flute) in a style derived from Gypsy music. He was born in Ukraine in 1984.

Create a Nice Day - with a welcoming poem

Just for today, our meme comprises the opening lines of a poem written to welcome you to the DoubleDare Artists' website.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Riverdance Antarctica.

This planet is truly, copiously gifted with artistic talent. Enjoy!

A Pome Wot I Rote

Okay, so having had a chance to sleep on it, I've found it desirable to revise this poem, which I wrote yesterday. I've kept the ridiculous title. Here is the revised version.

Create a Nice Day - with Mandeep Birdy

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is Mandeep Birdy, a painter and mural artist continually inspired by culture. Find more info and her wonderful paintings on her DoubleDare Artist's page.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Huun Huur Tu

Huun-Huur-Tu, means "sunbeams" (literally, "sun propeller") and is the name of a music group from Tuva, which is situated on the Mongolia–Russia border. 

Create a Nice Day - with Dave Randle

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist, Dave Randle, has over ten books in print (including the thought-provoking "Blinded with Science") and has been involved as amanuensis, co-author or publishing director in over 100 more, as well as contributing to nineteen periodicals (print/electronic) and editing a further six. Please pay his DoubleDare Artist's page a visit now for more info.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Heilung from Denmark

Heilung (Denmark)

Spectacular live performances create "Amplified History".
HEILUNG means “healing” in the German language and this also describes the core of the band’s sound.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent,Olena UUTAi

Olena UUTAi
(Yakutia, Russian Federation)
Olena is an ethnic musician, performer on the Jaw Harp (Khomus) virtuoso, singer and composer.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Hossam Ramzy (Egypt)

Hossam Ramzy is an Egyptian percussionist and composer who has worked with Western artists like Jimmy Page and Robert Plant as well as with Arabic artists such as Rachid Taha and Khaled.

Earth's got Talent (be Inspired!) - Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling (USA)
The track featured in the video is called "Master of Tides". It is on the album "Shatter Me", which is available here:

Create a Nice Day - with Kirsteen Lyons

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is Kirsteen Lyons, who is a freelance textile designer. She creates original furnishing fabric and wallpaper design, which her design house then sells to prestigious clients throughout Europe and further afield. Please visit her DoubleDare Artist's page for more examples of her work

Earth's got Talent (be Inspired!) - Liu Pinxi

Liu Pinxi, aka Yoyo (China)

I can barely hum in tune but I am in total awe of the out-of-this-world precocious skills of Liu Pinxi, who is also known by the nickname Yoyo.

Earth's got Talent (be Inspired!) - Martina Stipan

Martina Stipan, from Croatia, is a 20-year-old graphic design, digital art, multimedia and creative artwork enthusiast. You can find landscape matte-paintings and photo manipulations on her Facebook page.



See lots more of the planet's creative geniuses at

Earth's got Talent (be Inspired) - Gerald Davidson

Gerald Davidson, Mosaic Artist (Zimbabwe/USA)

Earth's got Talent (be Inspired) - Benjamin Shine

British artist Benjamin Shine makes incredible sculptures out of fabric.

In the windows of New York’s elegant Bergdorf Goodman department store, British artist and designer Benjamin Shine has realized a five piece installation using his signature material — tulle. 

Create a Nice Day - with Mira Reichl

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is Mira Reichl, a versatile painter based in Sussex, England. Demonstrating virtuosity in oil-on-canvas, pencil-and-ink and watercolour, Mira is consummately adept at bringing life to people, animals, places and even cars and motorcycles. So for a real treat please head for her DoubleDare Artists's page and beyond . . .

Introducing the Earth's got Talent Facebook Page

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter!

I have just started a Facebook page called "Earth's got Talent".
On it I will feature artists from the DoubleDareArt website, especially the day's featured artist in the "Create a Nice Day" meme.

I will also share as appropriate, posts from the DoubleDare Artists' Facebook Club. 

So this is another promotional channel I hope will assist you. Please like the page and get your friends to like it so we can maximise promotion of DoubleDare artists in particular and the artistic efforts of mankind in general. 

Thank you! 

Earth's got Talent (be Inspired) - Hiromi Moneyhun

Paper-cut artist, Hiromi Moneyhun (Japan) is a masterful exponent of a beautiful art form. 

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Tina Guo

Tina Guo is a celebrated Chinese-American cellist and erhuist (the erhu is a two-stringed Chinese violin). Her videos and live performances are beautiful on so many levels. 

See lots more of Earth's artistic geniuses at

Create a Nice Day - with Lucille Femine

Today's featured DoubleDare artist is Lucille Femine of whom the poet Larry Jaffe wrote: "Describing Lucille's work is like trying to describe a sunset. You have to immerse yourself, especially in the street scenes where romance walks you through her buildings and boulevards. The work is effortless as it unfolds and you perceive a universe of memories that it provokes. So what are you waiting for? Go look! Enjoy!" Precisely, so please enjoy Lucille's work at her DoubleDare Artist's page and beyond . . .

DoubleDare Artist Update

Photographer Mike Pollard's DoubleDare Artist page has just been updated with new photographs. See them here

Gifted Planet - Earth's Got Talent. Peter Dahmen (Germany)

Peter Dahmen is a designer and a paper artist whose specialty is the creation of pop-up-cards and the development of foldable objects made from paper and cardboard. The video gives a fascinating insight into his work.
YouTube Channel

See lots more of Earth's artistic geniuses at

Create a Nice Day - with George Yesthal

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is George Yesthal, a true Viking of the finer arts currently residing in Milford Pennsylvania USA. Please visit his DoubleDare Artist's page now for some great art!

Create a Nice Day - with Tracey Carmen

This morning our featured artist is the ballet artist, Tracey Carmen, who captures the beauty of ballet on paper. Please pay her DoubleDare Artist's page a visit. Bring your dancing shoes.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. B-Boy Junior

Someone should tell the French B-Boy (= Boy Breakdancer) Junior, you are not supposed to be able to do this with a a human body. Just watching him gives me a hernia. He's already top of his art of course and hardly needs a mention from a granddad like me but when I found him on YouTube, I was so in awe of what he can do I just had to include him!




While I have a quiet moment, I want to write down my thoughts and clarify a couple of things.

Create a Nice Day - with Larry Jaffe

Today I am happy to feature the poet 
Larry Jaffe, the Purveyor of Fine Words.
Please visit Larry's DoubleDare Artist's page to learn a lot more about this superb modern poet.

Talent Scout Update - Hossam Ramzy

I am hoping very soon to feature a Hossam Ramzy page on the DoubleDareArt site but in the meantime, by way of a prelude, I couldn't resist giving him a brief but highly warranted mention in the DoubleDare Talent Scout section.

Create a Nice Day - with Serena Salvatore

Today's featured artist is the wonderful Italian painter, Serena Salvatore. I am very proud to present her magical and unique work on the DoubleDareArt website. Please visit Serena Salvatore's DoubleDareArt page now!

Create a Nice Day - with RJ Ellory's Whiskey Poets

Today's featured DoubleDare artists are RJ Ellory's  band, the Whiskey Poets, a highly accomplished, superbly entertaining  group whose repertoire extends from from gentle ballads to high-octane, throbbing Americana. Please visit their DoubleDareArt page now!

Even More Talent on DoubleDareArt

The Talent Scout page of the DoubleDareArt site has been updated with more talent.  Enjoy the breathtaking creations of 20-year-old Martina Stipan from Croatia and the sublime ten-year-old guitarist "Yoyo" from China.