I've Moved!!!!

I'll be phasing out this blog and have moved everything over to my spanking new website, which you can find at 

www.steve-cook.com or just steve-cook.com

There you will find books, free articles, free poetry and naked dancing girls.

Please pay me a visit and I'll put the digital kettle on.

PS. I was only kidding about the naked dancing girls

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Genghis Kant
A novel by Steve Cook

". . . easily as funny as Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Spinal Tap and Terry Pratchett . . .”

". . .  If you like Monty Python, if you like a very good story and if you like great imagination, you will love this book." 

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The Cutter Files
Another novel by Steve Cook

A housewife, an accountant, a shopkeeper and a chicken factory manager inadevertently cause Earth's first interstellar dipl
omatic incident.
"Treat yourself to a copy, you won't regret it. Be warned though, this is not a book to read in a library . . . too many laugh-out-loud moments." ingenu/e magazine

Join the Earth resistance (Library Branch)

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Yet another novel by Steve Cook

"My God, what an amazing book! Totally and completely absorbing, entertaining and even enlightening. Buy it!"

". . . Always hilarious, always enlightening. This book is incredibly well written, full of. . . humor. A terrific sci-fi story that keeps you reading and with an amazing ending. Really delightful."

Buy and read it now before someone goes back in time and strangles the author at birth.

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Spilt Milk
by Steve Cook (a bit short to be called a novel)

Geordie trucker causes the universe to unravel

"The funniest thing since sliced bread." Yeast and Sourdough Weekly

"Highly entertaining but at the same time gratifyingly depressing."  The MIlk Monitor

Buy it while the universe is still here. 

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