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DOUBLEDARE NEWS: Talent show featuring our Ugandan DoubleDare stars, Iam Marley, Jaguar Face, RoniKular Guavu and Taz14 is taking place on March 31st (see the poster!). And just to clarify the term "Oluwombo", it is a Ugandan meal common in Baganda culture. It is prepared in banana leaves, so "Oluwombo" talent show . . . featuring an amateur boxing match. Our Ugandan artists are warriors also!

DoubleDare Art News

18th March 2018

Latest from Lucille Femine: "New painting done today, "Promenade, Brooklyn Heights". Ink and watercolor. 9" by 12""

Create a Nice Day - with Madhuri Hoogstraat

Madhuri Hoogstraat presents Poetry for the World's Humanitarians. Visit her DoubleDareArt page and enjoy!

DoubleDare News

From DoubleDare Artist Gill Bustamante: "Finished this today - happy to be indulging in a bit of horse painting again. It is called Elemental. Gill XX. By the way - I give 20% discount on all originals if bought direct from me... Gill XX"

Create a Nice Day - with ingénu/e

ingénu/e is a beautifully presented, lively and creative art and culture magazine based in Sussex, England. It is particularly slanted towards supporting and helping the emergence of grassroots creative talent. Please pay ingénu/e magazine's DoubleDareArt page a visit for much more.

Create a Nice day - with Gill Bustamante

Aesthetically stunning, spiritually uplifting, Gill Bustamante's paintings are glimpses of an improved reality. To see and feel more, visit her DoubleDareArt page now!

Create a Nice day - with Wasswa Joseph

Another rising star from Uganda! The musical artist and songwriter, Wasswa Joseph, is better known as Jaguar Face. Please visit his DoubleDareArt page for some great Hiphop, Reggae, R&B and more!

Create a Nice Day - with Judy Bachar

Judy Bachar is a singer with a rich repertoire that she delivers with passion, professionalism and artistry in six languages. Please visit her DoubleDareArt page

Create a Nice Day - with Cali Rivlin

Today's featured artist is Cali Rivlin. Her music is crafted piano composition alongside soulful vocals.Find her on DoubleDareArt and enjoy her wonderful music.

Create a Nice Day - with Mike Pollard

Today's featured DoubleDare artist is photographer Mike Pollard. Please check out  his DoubleDareArt page

Good News on DoubleDare!

Lucille Femine has been commissioned to illustrate a children's book called "If I Had A Hammer". Here's two of the illustrations. The book should be published soon by Sistership Publishing. Check out Lucille's DoubleDareArt page.

Create a Nice Day - with Tracey Carmen

Today's featured artist is ballet artist Tracey Carmen. Please visit Tracey's DoubleDareArt page "For the Love of Ballet" and enjoy her beautiful work.

Create a Nice Day - with Judit Iványosi Szabó.

Good morning! Today's featured artist is Judit Iványosi Szabó, a Hungarian artist whose creativity extends not just to some spectacularly fine paintings but also to some very skillful cane weaving. Please visit her DoubleDareArt page and enjoy some samples of her work.


DoubleDare artist Gill Bustamante today releases first pics of her latest gorgeous painting. Click here for details

Create a Nice day - with Taz14

Tazmanmenianstick or Taz14, is a Ugandan musical artist, record producer and entrepreneur. His label is S.N.A.G. Era Records. Please pay his DoubleDareArt page a visit and enjoy some great music!

Create a Nice day - with Ros Reece

Today please meet Ros Reece, an American artist whose drawings and paintings are on walls throughout the USA. Please visit Ros Reece's DoubleDare page to see samples of her wonderful work.

Create a Nice Day - with RoniKular Guavu

RoniKular Guavu is a Ugandan musical artist and entrepreneur. Please meet him and enjoy his music on his DoubleDare Art page.

Create a Nice Day - with Sue Randle

Today's featured artist is Sue Randle whose remarkable paintings present a unique view of the natural processes of decomposition and regeneration. Please visit her gallery at

Create a Nice Day - with Iam Nkurunziza Marley.

Today's featured DoubleDare artist is Iam Nkurunziza Marley.
He is a young artist from Uganda with a very tough past and a very bright future. Please pay his DoubleDare page a visit for some great painting!

Create a Nice Day - with Susanne Lawrence

Today's featured DoubleDare star is Susanne Lawrence, public speaker, tour guide, event organiser, art historian and also a very capable artist in her own right. Please find her at

Mandeep Birdy - Welcome!

Mandeep Birdy is a painter and mural artist continually inspired by culture. And her work is truly inspired! I am very pleased and proud to welcome her to DoubleDare. To find out more about Mandeep and her work, please visit the Mandeep Birdy DoubleDare page.

Capulet - Welcome to DoubleDare!

A big, big DoubleDare welcome to Kristian Shortt, aka Capulet, who is a Hip Hop Artist from Donegal, Ireland. Driven by a passion for music along with a motivation to change his life after being stabbed 17 times, Kristian aims to inspire his fans with intellectual lyrics and wisdom within his songs.

Presenting the Powerful and Beautiful Work of Mira Reichl!

I am delighted to present to you the immensely powerful and beautiful work of Mira Reichl, a versatile artist based in Sussex, England. Demonstrating virtuosity in oil-on-canvas, pencil-and-ink and watercolour, Mira is consummately adept at bringing life to people, animals, places and even . . . . Find out more by visiting Mira Reichl's DoubleDare page!

The Lonely Yet All-Seeing Eye

Welcome to the photography of R.J. Ellory!
Roger is featured elsewhere on DoubleDare, as both a best-selling novelist and the lead singer and creative pillar of the band Whiskey Poets but here I want to share with you another aspect of this multi-talented man: his powerful and evocative photography so please visit the Lonely Eye DoubleDare page now and enjoy!

Lucille Femine, we're glad you are here!

I am so pleased to be able to welcome the artist Lucille Femine to DoubleDare. Originally from Brooklyn, New York and now living in Nashville Tennessee, Lucille is a wonderful painter with a very distinctive style who has also written five children's books. Please find out more about Lucille by visiting the Lucille Femine DoubleDare page!

Welcome, Lloyd Ash Pyne!

Today I am very proud and pleased to present the illustrator/designer Lloyd Ash Pyne, the creator of worlds. To see Lloyd's stunningly beautiful and imaginative work, please pay Lloyd Ash Pyne's DoubleDare page a visit. But be warned: once you enter his world you may never want to leave . . . 

Jane Indigo Moore: Welcome to DoubleDare!

Imaginative Realism and Poetry in Pictures. 

I am very happy to be able to welcome the superb artist Jane Indigo Moore to DoubleDare. To find out more about Jane and her stunning art, please visit the Jane Indigo Moore DoubleDare page now.

Dare to Dream (for who dares wins)

Dare to Dream

Supporting and promoting the planet's creative community

(This article was just published on LinkedIn but I am re-posting it here as it provides a concise summary of what the DoubleDare project is all about.)

I have now set up the DoubleDare website where I provide a FREE page for any artist who wants one. The response has been tremendous and I absolutely LOVE this project and working with my fellow artists.

DoubleDare welcomes Elizabeth Bailey

I'm very pleased to welcome Elizabeth Bailey to DoubleDare. Elizabeth is the much-published author of historical romance and edgy women's fiction, a master storyteller in her popular genre. To find out more about Elizabeth and her many published titles, please visit the Elizabeth Bailey DoubleDare page now!


24th Feb 20128
Writer Dave Randle's new Blog, "The Randle Report" is now online. Please check it out, here!

New Facebook Club for DoubleDare Artists

A new members-only Facebook "club" style Group for DoubleDare artists is now up and running. Find it here.

A Big DoubleDare Welcome for The Whiskey Poets

RJ Ellory's Whiskey Poets are now on DoubleDare! For great music that bestrides a wide spectrum from gentle ballads to high-octane, throbbing Americana visit the Whiskey Poets DoubleDare page now!

George Yesthal - Welcome to DoubleDare!!

I am very pleased to introduce you to the DoubleDare page of artist George Yesthal, a true Viking of the finer arts currently residing in Milford Pennsylvania USA.

To see some samples of George's powerful work and find out more about the artist, please visit the George Yesthal DoubleDare page now!

Gill Kaye: Welcome to DoubleDare!

I am very pleased to welcome the artist, Gill Kaye to DoubleDare. Gill is happiest with a stick of charcoal, a ream of paper and a nude model. I think that sort of happiness should only be encouraged. Please pay Gill Kaye's DoubleDare page a visit and find out more about her wonderful art!

The Poet Larry Jaffe, Purveyor of Fine Words!

I am delighted to welcome the poet Larry Jaffe to the DoubleDare artists' community. To quote fellow poet Michael Ellis “If our next President was prudent, Secretary of Poetry would be a new cabinet position and Larry Jaffe would be appointed on day one." I heartily concur. Visit Larry Jaffe's DoubleDare page now for the full scoop on one of the worlds's greatest living poets. 

RJ Ellory - Welcome to DoubleDare!

Dare to Dream! For Who Dares, Wins.

I am very pleased to welcome best-selling author RJ Ellory to DoubleDare. Roger is the author of fourteen novels in twenty-six languages and has won thirteen international awards and a further seven nominations. You can find out a lot more about him by going to the RJ Ellory DoubleDare page now!

What's Happening on DoubleDare?

For the latest updates and additions to the DoubleDare site, go to What's Happening on DoubleDare

Welcome, David Carus!

DoubleDare welcomes David Carus, motivational speaker, bestselling author, recording artist and entrepreneur. Lots to see on his page so check out the David Carus DoubleDare page now!


DOUBLEDARE: DARE TO DREAM . . . Good Evening Everyone!

The DoubleDare project is the most enjoyable and rewarding project I have done. It is an absolute pleasure to work with fellow artists on the purpose of giving them a helping hand. There are sooooooo many highly talented people out there and many of you don't realise just how good you are.

Ingenue Magazine - Welcome to DoubleDare!

I would like to warmly welcome Ingenu/e Magazine to DoubleDare. Ingenue is a beautifully presented, lively and creative art and culture magazine based in Sussex, England. It is particularly slanted towards supporting and helping the emergence of grassroots creative talent. Find out lots more about Ingenu/e at

Gill Bustamante Joins DoubleDare!

The wonderful artist, Gill Bustamante, has joined us on DoubleDare. We are very pleased that she has and would like to extend her a very warm welcome to our community. See her fantastic paintings on the Gill Bustamante DoubleDare Page now!
#art #artist

Enchanted Textile Design - Welcome to Double|Dare!

We are delighted that Enchanted Textile Design, owned by Kirsteen Lyons, has joined us on DoubleDare. For some wonderful fabric and furnishing designs, please visit the Enchanted Textile Design DoubleDare page.

DoubleDare Welcomes Love Lace Design

DoubleDare - Dare to Dream! 

We would like to warmly welcome Arianna Tremayne's Love Lace Design to DoubleDare. Please visit the Love Lace Designs on DoubleDare page and see her beautiful creations.

Dave Randle - Welcome to DoubleDare

We would like to warmly welcome Dave Randle, the writer, journalist, commentator, film-maker and author of the excellent "Blinded with Science" to DoubleDare. Please pay the Dave Randle DoubleDare page a visit now!

More to follow!

Jaguar Face - Welcome to Double Dare

We would very much like to welcome to the Doubledare artists' community, the Ugandan artist Jaguar Face. Please pay him a visit and check out his music here

More artists to follow!

Who's where on DoubleDare?

The DoubleDare website helps and encourages creative people by providing them with an online platform where they can promote their work.

It presents some of the planet's most creative talent with more joining the site regularly

It is a FREE, no-strings service for artists and those working in the arts.

The site already features music, writing, painting, publishing and handicrafts with the list burgeoning like the opening petals of a spring rose.

So if you are an artist or working in the arts and would like to have a page on the site, then please just send an introductory email to or leave a comment on this post. The rest, you will find, is easy.

Among the categories and artists on DoubleDare are:

We are pleased to present here for your enjoyment a wonderful musical talent from Uganda, so please visit SNAG Era and explore some very fine music.

Visit Elizabeth Bailey, the author of tales of historical romance and intrigue

COMING SOON: DoubleDare magazine
The first edition is being prepared now. The magazine will introduce artists presented on the DoubleDare site.