Poetry for Peace, day 35. Arming the People

Day 35, Monday 31st May of the Poetry for Peace challenge
and here is yesterday's daily poem, published late as usual. Only 330 days and 330 more poems to go! Almost there! (not).

Who's with me?
Don't all shout at once.
Now I know what a musician feels like playing to an empty auditorium.
It's horrible but the true joy is in the creation.
And so he plays on . . .

Poetry for Peace, day 34: The Stars are Waiting.

Day34, Sunday 20th May 2018. Not in a good mood today. Sick of the endless bickering by which humanity wastes ninety percent of its time on Earth. An alien visitor looking down on this planet

Create a Nice Day - with 17 Stab Wounds by G Capo

Today's featured artist is Capulet, aka G Capo, aka Kristian Shortt, the Hip Hop Artist from Donegal, Ireland. This gives me a timely opportunity to feature his new track, "17 Stab Wounds (Bloody Sunday)". Released just after the trial for the attempted murder of

Poetry for Peace, day 33: Game On!

Game on indeed! This is the poem for yesterday, Saturday 19th May 2018. Didn't get a chance to publish it last night, so here it is this morning. Today's poem will follow later (I hope). I am very pleased and proud to be joined today by the American writer and artist

Poetry for Peace, day 32: And On The Other Hand . . .

Day 32! One  month completed and a new one started! So I have managed to write a poem every day for an entire month. 

Gifted Planet - Amber Spiegel

Cuisine is an art form. Amber Spiegel's cookies exemplify that truth - and then some! I don't know whether anybody actually eats them. They are no doubt as delicious as they are aesthetic to look at but eating them would would surely be a crime on

DoubleDare welcomes Brian King

I am very pleased to introduce a new DoubleDare guest artist, Brian King, a highly versatile artist based in London. Please visit his DoubleDare Artist's page now to see some fine examples of his wonderful work

Poetry for Peace, day 31 - Happy Birthday Daughter!

I never planned it this way but Day 31, the completion of the first month of my challenge happens to be my eldest daughter, Siobhan's, birthday so it is fitting that Poem 31 should celebrate the occasion.

Poetry for Peace, day 30 The Beauty of our Race

Day Thirty, Wednesday May 16th 2018! A twelfth of the way through my challenge! Which means I only have to write twelve times as many poems as I have already. Oh dear God!

Gifted Planet - Kieron Williamson

Kieron Williamson was born 4 August 2002. He is an artist from Holt in Norfolk, England. By the age of 6, his paintings

Poetry for Peace, day 29: Weeping for Palestine

Day 29, Tuesday 15th May. So far so good. keeping this going by the skin of my teeth. Today's effort touches upon one of my interests:

Create a Nice Day - with Mira Reichl

For today's featured DoubleDare Artist,
I am delighted to present to you the immensely powerful and beautiful work of Mira Reichl, a versatile

Poetry for Peace, Day 28. The Zen of Time , plus Guest Poet, Gill Kaye

Day 28. Monday 14th May 2018.  I present today's poem, plus a beautiful poem by guest poet Gill Kaye, whom I am delighted to welcome aboard as the first guest on Poetry for Peace.

Poetry for Peace, Day 27: Who Will?

So finally, I managed to catch up and this is the poem for day 27 of my year-long poemathon. It was inspired by observing some pretty degraded behaviour on the part of someone who should know better (no name, no details, sorry) passed of as "bit of a laugh" and the subsequent realisation that if we are to improve our world

Create a Nice Day - with George Yesthal

Today's featured DoubleDare artist is George Yesthal, a true Viking of the finer arts currently residing in Milford Pennsylvania USA. A few samples of George's work are featured on his DoubleDare artist's page, although

Poetry for Peace, Day 26. The Loneliness of the Long-Suffering Artist

Day 26 of my poemathon. Published on day 27 so I am still running behind and will need to come up with a second poem today to catch up (I say that every day). So there I was, late at night, tired after a long day and really needing to be abed. I'm trying to come up with a poem, or an ideas for a poem and nothing's happening; no ideas, no inspiration, nada. I'm staring at the blank page with an even blanker mind. What do you do when you are really stuck for a poem and your mind has become a poetry free zone?

Poetry for peace, day 25. What's Wrong with You?

Well all right! Day 25, which was yesterday and I am still a day behind. Bummer! Never mind, if I can think of one more poem before the day is done I will be caught up. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, hot off the press  . . .

Poetry for Peace, day 24. Perfect

Day 24. Another late night trying to come up with something. So here it is.  I thought I'd try something different. It's a sort of rap, Can ageing, middle class Englishmen do rap?

Poetry for Peace, day 23. Game On!

This is my poem for day 23, 9th May 2018, of the Poetry for Peace challenge. I hope you like it!

Poetry for Peace, day 22 - two Haikai

This is the poem|(s) for day 22, 8th May 2018, which is yesterday at this writing so I am still managing to be a little behind. On the plus side though, I'm managing to

Gifted Planet - a world of unusual sculptures.

Rather than feature a particular artist, I thought I'd have some fun sharing with you the many bizarre and unusual sculptures that are springing up all over the world. To me they exemplify

Announcement - Drawing Workshop

DoubleDare guest artist Gill Bustamante (see her DoubleDare page here) will soon be holding a drawing workshop in East Grinstead, Sussex, England. For details . . . 

Poetry for Peace. Day 21. Who Once Were Gods

It's five to midnight. Finished tonight's poem in the nick of time!

Gifted Planet - Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik is an American poet and artist. She began drawing at the age of four. Her best-known painting is Prince of Peace, which was completed at the age of eight (yes, eight). And if you think that her work was powerful at eight,

Create a Nice Day - with Evelyne Herbin

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is Evelyne Herbin, painter, designer and photographer. Visit her DoubleDare Artist's page for some great examples of her stunning work.

Poetry for Peace Day 20: Psychopoetics

This is yesterday's poem, Day 20, and I'm freakin' late again. Never mind. here it is. I'll work on today's poem later tonight. Quite a lot of pressure trying to come up with something every single day, whether tired, busy or just not in the mood.

Gifted Planet - Sonny, street artist

Sonny is a British-born, self-taught street artist now living in Johannesburg South Africa . He is best known for his large-scale street murals and over recent years has quickly gained attention for his distinctive and imaginative style.

The Poetry for Peace Challenge, Day 19. Another Sonnet.

Tonight I was in the  mood for it so I thought I'd do another sonnet. I do like sonnets! Hope you do too!

The Poetry for Peace Challenge, Day 18

The challenge is I have to write a brand new poem each day for a year. Here is the poem for yesterday, 4th May 2018. I'm a little late publishing it but I got there in the end. Now I just have to write today's poem . . .  

Gifted Planet - Victoria Ellis

Victoria Ellis is an English full-time artist, living and working in Norfolk. Her studies in fine art, with a concentration on life drawing, gave her a classical background for the design process of her ceramic creations. 

Create a Nice Day - with Christine Bleny

Today's featured DoubleDare artist is Christine
Bleny, whose rich, creative repertoire is fueled by a powerful imagination.

Poetry for Peace. Day 17. Burning the Midnight Oil Again

Blimey! Day 17 and no poem yet, trying to think of one so I can go to bed. Burning the midnight oil again. What can I write about?

Putin, Assad and Miracle Weapons Shock!

by Steve Cook

In an earlier article we released tapes that proved beyond common sense that Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people for no apparent reason except a determination to encourage the West to bomb his country - or probably might have done if the tape was genuine, which it probably might have been. Read more

Create a Nice Day - with Sinead

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is the singer, Sinead. For rock, pop, jazz, blues and country dedicated to making your day memorable, visit her DoubleDare artist's page now!

Poetry for Peace. Day 16. Poem 16. Where I Am,

Wow! A quarter to midnight! And today's poem is done in the nick of time - number sixteen, I do believe, of a mere 365, for am pledged, fool that I am, to write and publish one poem a day for an entire year.

I hope you like it as much as I sweated writing it.

Create a Nice day - with Elizabeth Bailey

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is Elizabeth Bailey, the author of Historical Romance and Edgy Women's Fiction. Please pay her DoubleDare page a visit now!

Poetry for Peace - Day 15, Poem 15

You can probably guess from this offering what sort of a day I've been having. Day 15! So far I keep going. Today, by the skin of my teeth.

Gifted Planet. Noah Deledda

It never ceases to amaze me the variety of ways that people find to inject a powerful aesthetic into the most mundane aspects of the material universe. Noah Deledda, for instance, makes common or garden aluminium cans into breathtakingly precise works of art using only his thumbs.

Create a Nice Day - with Kitty Atkinson-Guy

Today's featured artist is Kitty Atkinson-Guy. Please visit her DoubleDare Artist's page now for some outstanding art, expertly created.

Poetry for Peace. Day 14. Poem 14.

This is Day 14 of Poetry for Peace. I'm burning the midnight oil (well, almost) again. I think I should call this challenge not Poetry for Peace but Poetry under Pressure. Still, it wouldn't be much of a game if the barriers of space, time, lack of sleep, ageing bodies that have to be fed and so on and so forth were too easy to overcome.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Icheon

Today, instead of presenting a gifted person or gifted group of people, I would like to introduce you to an entire village. This is the pottery village of Icheon in South Korea.

A Sonnet: Poetry for Peace, Day 13

Right, so here we are at Poetry for Peace, Day 13. I decided to do a sonnet today. It is on the theme of what we observe as beauty is not supplied by the material universe (which, let's face it is an endless sequence of apathetic things exploding, crashing into each other, dying, burning and generally having a hard and not very beautiful time of it.

Welcome, Christine Bleny!

France is one of the most gifted countries of a truly gifted planet. So, for the second time today I am absolutely delighted to welcome to the DoubleDare Artists' community another wonderful French artist.

Welcome, Evelyne Herbin!

Art by Evelyne Herbin
I am very pleased to welcome to DoubleDareArt a new guest artist, Evelyne Herbin. Please pay her page a visit now!

Create a Nice Day - with Ros Reece

"Art has many purposes, values and uses. I intend mine to make the world a little brighter, a little lighter, a little happier, a little more fun."

What Where Whom and How. Poetry for Peace. Day Twelve

So I  have to write a new poem every day for a year. This is day twelve's poem. It's as tough challenge. Can I keep this up for a whole year? Another 353 days? Oh dear God, what have I let myself in for?

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Louise Durham

Louise Durham creates beautiful driftwood and stained glass sculptures that are stunning when back-lit . She works from her workshop in Shoreham-by-Sea, England where she lives on a houseboat.

Create a Nice Day! With Mike Pollard

Today's featured artist is the photographer Mike Pollard. It is his birthday so featuring him now seems appropriate. Mike's DoubleDare Artist's page is still under construction but it it nevertheless well worth a visit for some fine examples of his stunning photography. Happy birthday Mike!

A Haiku:Poetry for Peace, Day 11

The challenge is I have to produce a brand new poem every day for a year: any style, any length, any subject. So far so good. A busy day left time at least to think up a new Haiku late into the night.

Poetry for Peace. Day 10 Poem 10. They're at it Again

I regard war, promotion and advocacy of, the primary lunacy blighting mankind's efforts to reach the stars. It's got to stop and there is no reason on God's green Earth that it can't. We merely have to recognise that war is not a natural state for sane human beings.