Gill Kaye: Welcome to DoubleDare!

I am very pleased to welcome the artist, Gill Kaye to DoubleDare. Gill is happiest with a stick of charcoal, a ream of paper and a nude model. I think that sort of happiness should only be encouraged. Please pay Gill Kaye's DoubleDare page a visit and find out more about her wonderful art!

The Poet Larry Jaffe, Purveyor of Fine Words!

I am delighted to welcome the poet Larry Jaffe to the DoubleDare artists' community. To quote fellow poet Michael Ellis “If our next President was prudent, Secretary of Poetry would be a new cabinet position and Larry Jaffe would be appointed on day one." I heartily concur. Visit Larry Jaffe's DoubleDare page now for the full scoop on one of the worlds's greatest living poets. 

RJ Ellory - Welcome to DoubleDare!

Dare to Dream! For Who Dares, Wins.

I am very pleased to welcome best-selling author RJ Ellory to DoubleDare. Roger is the author of fourteen novels in twenty-six languages and has won thirteen international awards and a further seven nominations. You can find out a lot more about him by going to the RJ Ellory DoubleDare page now!

What's Happening on DoubleDare?

For the latest updates and additions to the DoubleDare site, go to What's Happening on DoubleDare

Welcome, David Carus!

DoubleDare welcomes David Carus, motivational speaker, bestselling author, recording artist and entrepreneur. Lots to see on his page so check out the David Carus DoubleDare page now!


DOUBLEDARE: DARE TO DREAM . . . Good Evening Everyone!

The DoubleDare project is the most enjoyable and rewarding project I have done. It is an absolute pleasure to work with fellow artists on the purpose of giving them a helping hand. There are sooooooo many highly talented people out there and many of you don't realise just how good you are.

Ingenue Magazine - Welcome to DoubleDare!

I would like to warmly welcome Ingenu/e Magazine to DoubleDare. Ingenue is a beautifully presented, lively and creative art and culture magazine based in Sussex, England. It is particularly slanted towards supporting and helping the emergence of grassroots creative talent. Find out lots more about Ingenu/e at

Gill Bustamante Joins DoubleDare!

The wonderful artist, Gill Bustamante, has joined us on DoubleDare. We are very pleased that she has and would like to extend her a very warm welcome to our community. See her fantastic paintings on the Gill Bustamante DoubleDare Page now!
#art #artist

Enchanted Textile Design - Welcome to Double|Dare!

We are delighted that Enchanted Textile Design, owned by Kirsteen Lyons, has joined us on DoubleDare. For some wonderful fabric and furnishing designs, please visit the Enchanted Textile Design DoubleDare page.

DoubleDare Welcomes Love Lace Design

DoubleDare - Dare to Dream! 

We would like to warmly welcome Arianna Tremayne's Love Lace Design to DoubleDare. Please visit the Love Lace Designs on DoubleDare page and see her beautiful creations.

Dave Randle - Welcome to DoubleDare

We would like to warmly welcome Dave Randle, the writer, journalist, commentator, film-maker and author of the excellent "Blinded with Science" to DoubleDare. Please pay the Dave Randle DoubleDare page a visit now!

More to follow!

Jaguar Face - Welcome to Double Dare

We would very much like to welcome to the Doubledare artists' community, the Ugandan artist Jaguar Face. Please pay him a visit and check out his music here

More artists to follow!

Who's where on DoubleDare?

The DoubleDare website helps and encourages creative people by providing them with an online platform where they can promote their work.

It presents some of the planet's most creative talent with more joining the site regularly

It is a FREE, no-strings service for artists and those working in the arts.

The site already features music, writing, painting, publishing and handicrafts with the list burgeoning like the opening petals of a spring rose.

So if you are an artist or working in the arts and would like to have a page on the site, then please just send an introductory email to or leave a comment on this post. The rest, you will find, is easy.

Among the categories and artists on DoubleDare are:

We are pleased to present here for your enjoyment a wonderful musical talent from Uganda, so please visit SNAG Era and explore some very fine music.

Visit Elizabeth Bailey, the author of tales of historical romance and intrigue

COMING SOON: DoubleDare magazine
The first edition is being prepared now. The magazine will introduce artists presented on the DoubleDare site.

Dare to Dream . . . a message from DoubleDare

Helping Creative People

Introducing the new DoubleDareArt website. We are offering a FREE page for any artist. The purpose is to help YOU the artist promote your work and achieve your artistic goals.

This is totally FREE and simple, with no strings and no complications. Just send us some pics and links to where your work can be seen and we will do the rest.

We already have our first artists on the site so to see how it looks and works, check out the site by following this link to DoubleDareArt.

“A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.”
― L. Ron Hubbard

Dare to Dream with DoubleDare

email for more information

Coming Soon: Demon Gene

So here is a preview of the cover for my new novel, which will be out soon.

I am very very thrilled that one of the country's absolutely top artists did the art work for it. She did her usual superb job. The pic sums up the insouciant tone of the book very nicely I think. I speak, of course, of Gill Bustamante. See more of her work at and, if you are feeling reckless and careless of your own sanity, find out more about yours truly by browsing the various sinister nooks and dark corners of this website.

Wikidleaks, a Whistleblower’s Tale

or How to Annoy your Government

A five-minute story by Steve Cook

Once upon a time the world was ruled by wise men who knew what was best for everyone, although in those far-off days “wise” meant “owning big shiny rockets” and what was best for everyone was generally considered to be what was good for really rich people. One is not after all entitled to Good Things unless one is in a position to pay for them and Good Things just happened to be so expensive that only really rich people could afford them. Those who were less than really rich had to settle for more modest and pragmatic aspirations such as being regularly shafted and donating their children to the latest war effort, which is only fair when you think about it.

Once Upon a Time

A One Minute Story by Steve Cook

Featured in The Daily Scare

A One Minute Story by Steve Cook

Once upon a time in a land far removed from common sense, in a cave deep under the Mountains of Avarice, there lurked a government.

Great Reviews for Genghis Kant and Cutter Files

#GenghisKant  #TheCutterFiles
Just had this very kind feedback from Ingenu/e magazine., In my opinion Ingenu/e is the UK's BEST arts magazine so I am double, triple, quadruple thrilled. Pay them a visit here

The Ambiguous Adventures of Ladybird Boy

by Steve Cook

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the #Cinema . . .

The World has been afflicted by a new biological anomaly as the #superhero pandemic spreads


#humor  #NorthKorea


A One Minute #Story by Steve Cook.

We dropped out of hyperspace and vectored in from the periphery of the system at high vee. It was a rough, seat-of-the-pants slide down the yellow star’s gravity well. The braking jets and gee dampers were working at max tolerance: the Navcomp had us on a sharp-as-we-dare velocity dump as it carved out a vector-match with the third planet.

Fond Memories!

Just found this memento of the radio show I used to do. This was the Drug Free Kids show. I also wound up with as second show, The Citizens Forum, both of which were broadcast by the US-based Liberty Beacon network. At the same time, I wrote for and edited the Liberty Beacon's UK magazine. I gave up both of these last year so I could concentrate on other things but, truth be told, I often miss them. The radio shows especially were a lot of fun and I miss working with the drug educator Pete Dwan and The Liberty Beacon's founder, Roger Landry. Two of the best people walking the face of God's green Earth.

Become a Billionaire Overnight!!

Introducing the Alphabeti-kit-e-kati

This new Business Opportunity cannot fail! You too can be a pet food billionaire and I’m not even lying.

This Week’s Film Review

The Hypochondrapocalypse: Rise of the Almost Dead

Armageddon Entertainment presents a harrowing portrait of an apocalyptic future in which the human race succumbs to a mysterious epidemic of uncertain provenance that threatens to cause humanity to worry itself into early extinction

Chronically Asymptomatic

Oh dear! Got a letter from the hospital this morning informing me that I am asymptomatic. This is a chronic condition with no known cure apart from regular high doses of cake. #humor #writer

Writer Announces he no Longer Identifies as a Man, Shock!

Me pictured yesterday with my companion Gertrude
Dear Friends,

I just want to let you all know that after much soul-searching and contacting who I really am, I have decided that I no longer identify as a man.

It is my dearest wish that henceforth you all avoid offending me by supporting me in my effort to identify as a cat

By "supporting me" I do of course mean ignoring the fact that I do not have fur, a tail and other feline attributes - or indeed any feline attributes at all - that present circumstantial "evidence" that I am not in fact a cat. We all know that the trouble with evidence is that you can use it to prove anything, especially facts.

So let us all set aside such nonsense and accept the fact that I am really a cat. As a such I expect to not have to do any work, sleep all day and be served food on a regular basis, which is not in fact as big a lifestyle change as you might think.

My psychiatrist has been very supportive and has arranged to have me neutered on Thursday.

Sticking It To The Man in 2018 (yeah!)

As you know I am a bit of a rebel and like to stick it to The Man (yeah!). 

But then it occurred to me that The Man, whoever he (or she) is, might not identify as a Man. So now I like to stick it to The Person (yeeaaah!). 

But just in case The Person does not identify as a person - or indeed a human -whilst I still like to identify as a rebel (but not an idiot) as is my right, I make no apologies for sticking it to The Thing (yeeeeaaaaaaaah!)


Blimey! I just found a file containing a book of verse by the aforementioned title that I put together years ago and forgot about! So it will be getting published some time soon. Meanwhile, here is one of the poems from it.

Things Undone (copyright Steve Cook)

Was Alexander plagued by things undone,
Whose conquests never thwarted dreams assuaged,
Whose strident tale of empires won
Seemed merely scratches on an empty page?

Was he haunted by the verse he could not write,
Did he long to strum the lyre he could not play?
Knew he love the awe of others never could requite,
Or “almosts” thwarted by the shortness of his days?

And of the Bard who timeless epics wrote,
Whose beauty shineth still undimmed by time,
How oft the furrowed bardic brow he smote
In anguish for the one elusive rhyme

That left unsung his praise for heroes most admired
‘Gainst whose deeds his own he measured second best,
His works at best a Moon whose light expires,
First borrowed then eclipsed by the sun of their success.

What of Christ or Buddha who wondrous truths did teach,
Who millions plucked from dark on both sides of the grave?
Came they in death to peace for the multitudes they reached
Or was their last thought grief for those they could not save?

And God basking in the wonders of His realm,
All the splendors spun from the glory of His mind,
Does He well pleased upon creation smiling dwell
Or is He troubled still by the many flaws He finds?

It seems for all that’s said and done, there’s more
Undone, unsaid that sees our satisfaction felled,
So much in others we could envy, yet more admire,
That only others recognize the glory in ourselves

Something Wonderful

A Song for all #Patriots of #Earth 2018

Something wonderful
Is going to happen,
For your dreams have spoken
And the universe listened.
Hearts and promises
And bridges once broken
Are pleasantly healing
In minds newly woken.
The doors to our cages
Sprung hopefully open
And a new page has turned
On old tales fresh-woven,
New sagas sung in angelic voices,
To the hopeful rhythm
Of dream-driven verses.
Yet when all said and done,
It’s hardly surprising,
For the world has awoken
And humanity’s rising.
The #planet is getting better despite what the #media wants you to believe Check out this video 
The artist who did this totally gorgeous #painting is Gill Bustamante. She is also designing the cover for my latest #novel, Demon Gene, so as you can imagine I am very excited. Check out this gorgeous painting and loads more on her website.

The Long Walk 2015

Nice reminder of the walk I did a couple of years ago to #raisefunds for the #DrugFree Kids #campaign

I got as far as the Forth Bridge in Scotland in the end before the pain from a broken toe got too much and I had to retire via a trip to hospital in Dunfermline. 

With some detours I reckon I did over a thousand miles in the end. See the facebook post here


I herewith declare myself to be a #patriot of Earth.

All efforts to sow division and undermine human #brotherhood are in greater or lesser degree treasonous. 

Bear Grylls

Just saw this very nice Tweet from #BearGrylls with highly complimentary views on the #Muslim scouting community. See it here

Movie Reviews

Here's a couple of off-the-cuff #moviereviews for the Holiday season.

#VALERIAN: a great scifi space opera romp with plenty of humour, action, special effects and interesting alien species. If you can get past the strange voice of the lead actor (who must walk through life with a voice that sounds as if it has been dubbed) you will love it. Score 9/10

#DARKTOWER: a gripping Stephen King science fantasy story very well translated into a movie. The scary villain is very excellently and creepily played by Matthew McConaughey and the hero is a boy of about eleven who nevertheless holds in his own very ably (a bright future there forTom Taylor). Co-stars the English actor Idris Elba who provides his usual powerful presence. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Evidently part of a planned series so looking forward to the sequels. Score 8/10

Steve's Articles: satire and humor for The Daily Scare

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Brexit Booster for British Space Programme

Major toy manufacturer to sponsor innovative attempt to reach Moon before Richard Branson!

The Britsh space effort, which last year put a Chimpanzee on the Isle of Wight, has today received a massive post-Brexit shot in the arm.

At Last, the Truth! CIA releases controversial Kennedy Files!

The US government has just courageously allowed the release of the CIA's hitherto classified Kennedy Files. The documents enter the public domain in a form far less redacted than any other incriminating document in US history.

Latest Russian Marmite Scare! The Full Horror Revealed!

Vladimir #Putin to flood the West with #Marmite subsitute, shock!

Tesco's recent refusal to stock Marmite has ignited a firestorm of fury that threatens to tear civilisation apart. It started when Swiss company Unilever owned up to being Marmite's manufacturer.

Global Shortage Threatens the Economy

by Steve Cook

The government was left reeling with shock today, its plans for economic recovery in tatters, with the discovery of a global shortage of ruthless dictators.

The ruthless dictator scarcity looks set to hit the economy of the United States the hardest, as it relies on a regular supply of demented megalomaniacs to keep the wheels of industry turning.

Galaxy Quest meets The VIcar of Dibley

My short novel, The Cutter Files: Alien Incursion was reviewed in the Summer 2017 edition of Ingen/e magazine. Here is an excerpt:

"This is no War of the Worlds or Independence Day, more like Galaxy Quest meets The Vicar of Dibley.

Security Agencies Crack Down on Home Baking

by Steve Cook
Security services the world over are on high alert in the aftermath of the recent Airport Cupcake Scare in the United States, in which a “woman” was caught red-handed trying to bring two cupcakes aboard a plane at Las Vegas airport.

Heartbroken Leatherhead Man Jilted by Sex Doll

by Steve Cook 
Distraught Arthur Mental (49) of Leatherhead in Surrey to sue the PerviDo Corporation for a sum experts have described as “undisclosed yet probably ridiculous” . . . Read the full story here

Mental Health Shock!

by Steve Cook
Millions of Journalists and Politicians Diagnosed with CLD as Mental Health Epidemic Spreads. Read full story here

Millions of Voters in Plot to Rig Election, Shock!

by Steve Cook
An investigation has today been launched in an effort to get to the bottom of the latest election-rigging scandal. Read the article here.

Breaking News: Armed French Police Surround Man with Beard

by Steve Cook 

French police today arrested a man after he terrorised a beach in a suspected Muslim outrage. Read the full story here

Government to Borrow Money to Get out of Debt

by Steve Cook

Ministers today reassured the nation that the government's plans for getting the economy back on track after it got derailed in 1796, "cannot fail" and "nothing could possibly go wrong".